The Popular TV Actors Who Never Took Part In Reality Shows!

TV Actors

In the last one decade, reality shows have proved to be real money spinners and entertainment source. Especially, the ones involving TV celebrities.

Reality shows even though far from being real (as proved time and again) are in a way even used as a promotional tool for these celebs and also to increase their popularity.

In the recent few years we have seen more and more TV celebrities taking part in such reality shows, even the very popular ones. However, there are some popular actors who till now have not participated in any reality show as a contestant (barring the BCL matches).

Mohsin Khan

Mohsin Khan

The chocolate boy of Indian television Mohsin Khan is an absolute charmer. A mere look at the actor and his admirers hearts skip a beat or two.

The actor portraying the character of Kartik Goenka has brought alive the perfect ‘prince charming’ onscreen.

The actor has never participated in any reality show.

And it would be a thorough delight if he does. What do you think?

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  1. Love you both tons Niti taylor and Parth samthaan….I both rock….wish u both best of luck for future individually….seeing u both in any reality show whether it’s together or alone will be dream come true…. lotssssssssssssssssssssssss of love to both of you


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