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Saraswatichandra on Star Plus is bringing on new dimensions of relationships for the viewers in the show. Kumud (Jennifer Winget) is going through a tough time in her life right now; The current scenario running in the show focuses on Kumud getting to know her husband Pramad (Aanshul Trivedi) is ‘Not The So Good Guy’ and on the other hand destiny has brought her true love Saraswatichandra (Gautam Rode) in front of her again.

With Saras, Kumud, Pramad in the close vicinity fireworks are ought to erupt and create some spiced drama in the show. In the coming episodes of the show the viewers can look forward for some entertaining drama in the show. In the upcoming episodes the viewers will witness Kumud asking her husband Pramad as to why he dislikes her, the audience will witness Pramad counter-questioning Kumud about Saraswatichandra.

The viewers will also see Kumud’s sister Kusum (Shiny Doshi) paying a visit to her sister’s place just to make sure everything is fine with her beloved sister Kumud. For the sake of Kumud, Saraswatichandra who understands the predicament she is in, arranges for a party just to create a farce in Kusum’s mind that Kumud is happy as Kumud does not want her family to know the difficulties she is facing.

The audience will further witness, Kusum who is unaware of Saraswatichandra’s presence around will be left shocked seeing Saras there. Kumud too convinces Pramad to attend the party. On the other side, Kusum who sees Saras, does not want anymore trouble in her sister’s life so she asks Saras to stay away and leave Kumud alone and the audiences will also witness the complexities of relationships trying to be unearthed; Pramad will yet again want to know about Saraswatichandra from Kumud and he will ask Kumud about Saras. The audience will further witness Kumud ignoring Pramad’s query. With Kumud’s silence Pramad’s next step would be to take Saraswatichandra with him in order to find the underlying truth of Kumud and Saraswatichandra’s relation. This would leave Kumud worried.

What will Pramad do if at all he gets to know about Saras and Kumud’s love and their prior engagement? Will Pramad use it for his advantage or would he knowing the value of love realize the love Saras and Kumud have for each other in their heart? All this and more will be known as the story unfolds and all the questions lingering in the minds of the viewers will be answered.

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Author: Surya Ravi
Editor: Saheli Goswami

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