Pramad Will Soon Die – Saraswatichandra

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Saraswatichandra finally is set to conclude the vast difference between Kumud (Jennifer Winget) and Saraswatichandra’s (Gautam Rode)  painful thorn, known as Pramad (Aanshul Trivedi). Last week the popular serial had seen Kumud’s accident which left the Desai family in shock.  An upset Saraswatichandra has taken a vow to stay away from Kumud during this time. However destiny’s ploy to keep the two love birds apart may soon give way to a new beginning as Pramad will soon die.

This coming week, Kumud has taken on a challenge to bring Saras in-front of her and the family. This challenge however may prove heavy for Saras, as he vows to keep his presence away from her. However due to new circumstances, an enraged Saras will be seen having a fight scene with Pramad. During this volatile encounter, he will discover Pramad’s harsh reality. It will be revealed that Pramad will soon die due to liver cirrhosis. Upon this new revelation, Saras is utterly disturbed when he comes face to face with Kumud.

The Star Plus drama which has depicted the pure love between two leading protagonists, will soon again confess their feelings. Kumud pours her feelings out like an open book, stressing that she does not want anything to come between them. Though the gloomy sky has yet to reveal its full intention, Saras is left torn on whether Kumud should know what is yet to come. Pramad will soon die, but what mark will this new leave on Kumud and her family? Though one may believe the two lovers may unite post this tragic twist, only time can tell what will happen next.

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  1. Mr.bhansali has never made any couple to cum y…i request him to make this couple togethr…plzzzz….

  2. Even me wanna see something positive in “SARASWATICHANDRA”. Please make Kumud & Saras together…I wanna see them together please…

  3. We don’t want Saras and Kusum!!! We don’t want Pramad and Kumud!!! We only want Saras and Kumud!!! SaMud is amazing!!!

  4. Please get Saras and Kumud married to each other!!!! They belong with each other!!! They are true lovers!!! All of us viewers want SaMud together!!! Saraswatichandra is the best show ever and SaMud is the best jodi ever!!! We love you SaMud!!! Please stop making us fans suffer and get them married to each other!!! 🙂

  5. I also want to unite of SAMUD…….. So. Mr. Bhansali,,,,,, pls take the audience’s suggestions……

  6. Plzzzz fulfill all samud fans wish & unite saras – kumud freva & continue t show aftr their wedding on a different note.

  7. Please let saras and kumud to get married.pls don’t let Kalika,kusum or pramad to ruin their love this’s high time to let them united.please cvs.


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