Punar Vivah creates history, leaves Pavitra Rishta behind…



The entire team of Punar Vivah has reasons to celebrate. Punar Vivah has become Zee Tv’s number one show. It broke a record with a TRP rating of 2.9! Pavitra Rishta came in second with 2.8. Pavitra Rishta used to be Zee’s number one show consistently garnering high trps, however, Punar Vivah has been rising through the charts since its inception.

Producer Sumit Mittal is elated and has said “The story is getting back to its emotional crust and hence, it is being liked by the viewers. Currently, we are concentrating on the story and not on the numbers. If the story works, numbers will automatically come.”

Actor Gurmeet Choudhary who plays Yash Sindia said “I really feel lucky as this is my third show that has managed to be number one after Ramayan and Geet. I remember when I had taken up Geet, I wasn’t sure if it would top the numbers, however it did. But when I took up Punar Vivah the pressure was even more as people were expecting a lot from me. There were a lot of them who thought I shouldn’t have taken up the project but with the help of the entire team and our producers, the show has managed to top the chart.”

Kratika Sengar aka Aarti also sounded extremely happy. “I remember I was told that the 10:30 pm slot never worked for Zee TV as the previous shows in this slot had just managed to gain 0.8 TRP or a maximum of 1. However, I did take up this show as I believed in the story and now the jinx is broken. We have managed to be number one and hence we have all the reasons to be happy.”

The show is currently bringing in high drama with the kidnapping of Ansh, the stepson and son of Yash and Aarti respectively. The kidnapper has asked for a ransom of 10 lakh. Yash is willing to give that money to the kidnapper, however, his father; Suraj Pratap Sindia does not believe in giving into the demands of the kidnapper and has full faith in the police force. There lies the disagreement between father and son. Will Yash be able to save Ansh? Will the disagreement between father and son cause further discord in the family? To find out, continue to watch Punar Vivah on Zee TV, Monday-Friday at 10:30PM.


Author: Rahmina Chowdhury




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