Qubool Hai : 5 Reasons Why The Show Definitely Requires A ‘HERO’

Qubool Hai

Villains are an absolute necessity in a daily soap. Villains are the ones who make a ‘Hero’ look like a hero. The stronger the villain, the stronger becomes the hero. But let’s just flip the sentence. What if a ‘Hero’ is portrayed in a way that he makes the villain look stronger? A strong hero makes a villain strong too. But when ONLY the villain is strong in a story, it makes the hero look weak. And a ‘weak’ hero definitely can’t become the USP of a show. Qubool Hai started off with a very strong male lead character of Asad Ahmed Khan.Even with the inception of the second season, the character of Aahil was equally strong and powerful. However, with time, the show has become a heroless show and is now led by only villains. Here are 5 reasons why the show needs a ‘HERO’ this time around.

Qubool Hai
Qubool Hai

1. The show is led by the villains. Basically more than the hero/heroine, the villains (Amrapali and Additi Gupta) have an upper hand in the script. Tanveer is such a strong villain who could make life hell for others since two generations. Age, situation, circumstances or even her lost eyesight could not stop her from hatching her evil plans. However, there have been many heroes (including parallel leads) in the show in these two generations but none of them have been able to teach her a lesson forget about sending her in exile forever.

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  1. this is a terrible article. qubool hai is amazing just as it is… no point in even reading this. sanam and ahil’s chemistry is amazing and as soon as they are reunited, the show will be the best again!


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