Qubool Hai: From Snail Speed To Jet Speed Post Karan Singh Grover’s Exit – A Strategy Or What?

Qubool Hai
Qubool Hai
Qubool Hai
Qubool Hai

Post Karan Singh Grover’s exit from Qubool Hai the story is running at a jet speed. Is this a strategy for TRP?

Recently the ardent viewers’ of Qubool Hai were in for a shock when their beloved Karan Singh Grover essaying the character of Asad Ahmed Khan was replaced and actor Raqesh Vashisth was presented as the new Asad Ahmed Khan. What shocked the fans more was when Zee TV blamed Karan Singh Grover for being unprofessional, while the truth remains that it was KSG who suggested Raqesh’s name as Asad; we wonder how is this being unprofessional on KSG’s part?

This article is not just Karan Singh Grover’s replacement in Qubool Hai but also the current story of Qubool Hai. Post Karan Singh Grover’s exit seems like creatives of the show have been awakened and the show does not seem to be moving but rather running with a fast pace. The current scenario is focusing on Asad all of a sudden supporting his father Rashid (Vaquar Shaikh).

The truths of the past are rather being unveiled at a quick pace. We wonder if this is a strategy taken by the channel and the production house to garner more TRP. Seeing the show now it somehow feels as though the show has picked up pace and the story is focusing on the crux, the main mystery.

On one hand Asad (Raqesh Vashishth) and Zoya (Surbhi Jyoti) are making sure to block out all escape routes for Gaffur (Tej Sapru) and Razia (Alka Kaushal) for framing Rashid in a crime he did not commit, on the other hand it seems as though Zoya and Asad’s romance too is at its peak.

Qubool Hai
Qubool Hai

In the coming episodes even Gaffur would come to know that Zoya is his long last daughter. With so many twists on the cards it seems like the show has gone from snail speed to jet speed post Karan Singh Grover’s exit.

For the past week the show is having tidbits, intense romantic moments between the lead protagonists of Qubool Hai. (While some feel Asad and Zoya’s romance is not up to the mark, some others have no words to praise the scene). Furthermore, if certain sources are to be believed then even Asad and Zoya’s wedding which has been stalled a number of times earlier is bound to happen this time around. Looking at the way the show is going one would not be wrong in assuming that this indeed is a strategy to keep the audiences’ interest intact and to in-turn earn more numbers.

While we understand the strategy, what we are unable to comprehend is that why was this importance to the story not given when Karan Singh Grover was in the show? When KSG played Asad, the story was rather focusing on beating around the bush leaving aside the crux of the story. We wonder if the CVs have woken up from their deep slumber realizing that they would lose a good chunk of the loyal viewers post KSG’s exit and thus are they speeding up the story and Asad-Zoya’s impending wedding for the sake of TRP?

While though Qubool Hai is on a jet speed, the viewers who have been watching the stow since its inception cannot help but feel something amiss.

The TRP of Qubool Hai has reduced from 3.2 in the earlier week to 2.8 last week. Whether the TRPs will rise with the upcoming nuptials of Asad and Zoya and revelations of mysteries is something to be waited and watched out for.

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Author: Surya Ravi


  1. thank u for understanding KSG 🙂 nd i too wish they shud hv done this when ksg was around trps wud hv been high then 🙂 anyways its good they r speading up cos this way it will lead to its closure only 😀


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