Qubool Hai : Why None Of The Male Leads Are Permanent In The Show?

Asad Ahmed Khan - Qubool Hai

Zee Tv’s Qubool Hai has more than often been in news for its lead male actors quitting the show. In almost two and half years of the show’s existence, the show has its seven male leads quit it one after the other. Where majority left it for Bollywood, some left it in the pretext of having issues with production house and storyline.

qubool hai
Karan Singh Grover

Karan Singh Grover
He played the character Asad Ahmed Khan to perfection, but the actor made an exit from the show as soon as his contract ended. He moved out to start his venture in Bollywood and had his producers informed about his decision from the start of this project, but this didn’t dampen his relationship with his producers. They maintain great relationship with each other.


  1. Reason is simple.
    This production house uses male actors only to get the audience hooked to a pair and then toss them out.Once, the couple has got popularity, Asad-Zoya, Ayan-Humera,Sanam-Ahil, then the focus shifts to the real hero, Amarapalli Gupta, what will actors of KV and KSG’s calibre do in such scenarios?They quit!


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