Rachana Parulkar : Top 5 Reasons To Love The Actress – In Pics


There are no words to describe Rachana Parulkar’s popularity. The actress who began her career as Sawri in Zee TV’s popular show Saat Phere has come a long way in five years. Today the actress has a soaring popularity and unparalleled fan following. Her fans, who refer to her as Angel, have millions of reasons to love here but we will present you with the top five.

rachana parulkar
Ashish And Rachana

On Screen Chemistry with Ashish Chowdhry
Rachana Parulkar was greatly appreciated for her portrayal of Kalpi. Her on screen chemistry with Ashish Chowdhry in Ek Mutthi Aasman set a new standard for on screen couples. When news of her leaving the show came, fans were dejected by the fact that they would no longer be able to see the magic of RagNa on screen.

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  1. Rachana Parulkar personifcation of positivity elegance purity in thoughts and action wonderful human being a hightly diplomatic artist, a lovable co artist a best buddy for who ever knows her values a very good daughter a delight wtching her on screen a wonderful dancer a perfect commitment and dedication to her work . Anyone has once known her can nver go away from liking her #Darling of the masses divine beauty above all a package of talents the most vital factor for the #Term Artist. She fulfills all norms to be a good actor Y a good actor a #Versataile actor . a rare phonemenon she preaches what she follows. Cant resist from loving her more and more and more and more and FFFFFFFFFFFFFFuzion thank u so much for this article it is nice to learn u hve pondered her best qualities. Love Rachna Parulkar and u tooooooooooooo.

  2. Thank u si muchh #Fuze Rachana is real Angel good human being,beautifull n talented actress, expression queen. #Twamily ki angel,inspiration lvuu lott Rachana

  3. Rachana Parulkar rocks!!She is talented actress, beauty with brain n brilliant actress in Indian Television..love u rachana

  4. Thank you Fuze Prdctions 4 wnderful artcle…like PRIYA REMIX said that v fans hv more 100 reasons why v love this actress…she is gorgeous angel, so sweet, simple n very talented actress n beauty with brain n brilliant actress in Indian Television…v ar really appreciate her talent..V ar very confident that she can play new and different characters. She can give 200% to the performance!!! 😀 LOVE RACHANA PARULKAR VERY MUCH…

  5. Tq Fuzion 4 beautiful article.. Rachana Prulkar love u lot angel..u r the best in tellywood.. Always will support u.. Waiting 4 our Maharani Ajabde.. Will watch MP oni 4 u angel..

  6. thanks fuze production for this nice article
    Of course Rachana Parulkar is a very talented actress but she is also a fantastic human baing with principles and a golden heart
    love u angel

  7. we love r angel rachana parulkar, c is an awesome actress & more than being a good actress c is a superb human being, a great soul,with lots of love & positivity….

  8. Rachana Parulkar is a role model… an inspiration to fans… she spreads positivity, peace and kindness… Thats what we love about her…


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