RadhaKrishn Begins By Initiating A Bang On Argument : Love Or Worship – Which Is Greater? – REVIEW


Siddahrth Kumar Tewary’s RadhaKrishn premiered its first episode on October 1st 2018. The first episode of the show was itself impressive, makes you think and understand the symbolical hints of the makers.

Siddharth Kumar Tewary, a master in presenting Indian mythology by now on TV, has yet again touched the right chords.

The show started off with an argument. Love or worship – Which one of the two is greater?

One argument defied the other when a worshipper (Sridama) of Lord Krishna wanted to defy the lover of Krishna (Radha). While everything was beautifully and logically explained, love won in the end and it showed how God also needs to be loved along with worship and that how often in our extreme ‘bhakti‘, we end up dividing and hurting others as well the the Lord himself.


One of the most memorable significant dialogues that came up in the episode was wehn Lord Krishna explained to Sudama, what ‘Radha’ really meant to life and creation. By making him look at a waterfall where the water was rising upwards rather than going downwards, he said –

“Jo dharti ke akaarshan se neeche ki or bahe, woh dhaara. Aur jo aakarshan todke upar jaaye, woh Radha. Jo sagar se milkar apna astitva kho de, woh dhaara. Aur jo apne astitva ke udgam tak jaaye, woh Radha.”

Truly an inspiring and jolting dialogue that was. In one word – A brilliant description of the power, significance and importance of ‘Radha’.


With stunning VFX, interesting arguments and thought provoking scenes – RadhaKrishn started off with a bang, just like how a Siddharth Kumar Tewary show is supposed to be.

An added bonus was to hear Sourabh Raaj Jain’s voice in the beginning introducing the show and explaining how RadhaKrishn and the concept of ‘love’ go hand in hand.

Even if you are not a fan of mythology, the first episode would surely provoke your thoughts and make you marvel on the modern execution of mythology.

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