RadhaKrishn – Promos Of The Show Are Mesmerizing, Soulful, Divine And Romantic! – VIDEOS


Star Bharat’s new promos for their new show RadhaKrishn looks quite enchanting and one promo has garnered over 2 million views in just 10 days of its launch.

1) The first promo was introduced on August 27th online and was a brief glimpse on the show’s theme of love.
We quite loved the tagline, which roughly translated means-

The world falls in love to gain love, but they fell in love to explain love.

Radha is sitting by a stream and sees Krishna as her reflection on the water, depicting soulfully they are each other’s reflections.

2) The second promo was around Janmastami, was a longer promo, and has already garnered 2.2 million views on YouTube.

The music of this promo is absolutely soulful. The beautiful song along with the colorful VFX makes one feel that the scenery depicts what earth could look like if we bring heaven right here on earth.

The Title song has beautiful lyrics too- the rough translation of which is:

If Krishna is Expansive then Radha is Essence,
Krishna’s each words basis is Radha.
Without Radha there is no Krishna,
Without Krishna there is no Radha.
The atom in which Radha resides,
Is the atom in which always resides Krishna.
Radha Radha Radha…..
Krishna Krishna Krishna….

If the dialogues of the show are as soulful and heartwarming as the lyrics and the depiction of scenes as colorful and mesmerizing as the promo, the show will surely be a hit.

Apart from the lyrics and the cinematography we loved the flowing scenarios in the promo-

a) Despite Krishna being surrounded by numerous Gopika’s his eyes were only focused on Radha- depicting the eternal love, pull and draw her being exculpates from him.

b) In the swing sequence where when the swing moves forward we see Radha sitting on Krishna’s left, and when the swing goes back we see Krishna sitting on Radha’s left.

We took the essence of the scene to depict the inseparableness of the two and how because of their unique love each can take the others place easily.

c) Both jumping up in the air in joy- depicting that if love is powerful enough one can achieve the impossible.

3) The promo released yesterday depicting Holi was the most perfect twin soul moment.

When all Gopika’s try to apply color to Krishna he resists and prevents them saying that Krishna can get colored only by Krishna- indirectly meaning someone who embodies him.

When Radha approaches him with color, he asks if she wants to apply color to Krishna. To which Radha replies she has come to get colored by Krishna.

We see when Krishna applies color to Rasha’s cheeks, a perfect reflection of the color turns up on this own cheeks and likewise as Radha applies color to Krishna’s cheeks a perfect reflection turns up in her own cheeks. Thus, depicting how they are perfect mirrors and anything that happens to one happens to the other.

We are certainly excited to see how the show will turn up. What about you dear readers?



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