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Be it the bubbly yet ambitious Gini or the womanly ‘I am THE MAN’ Bharti or the ‘Child At Heart’ Suhana, Ragini Khanna is an actress who has carved a niche & name for herself in the world of Acting and Television! With music running in her genes and acting in her blood, Ragini or Ragipie (as her fans fondly call her) dreamt of a career under the spotlight early on albeit mainly as a singer! She took baby steps towards fulfilling her dream as she started off initially singing jingles for advertisements and later even appearing in some of them! She got her big break in the world of TELEVISION with Deeya and Tony Singhs (DJs) ‘Radha Ki Betiyaan Kuch Kar Dikhayengi’ (RKB) on NDTV Imagine in the year 2008.  The show depicted the journey of a single mother who amidst all adversities raises her three daughters in a small city and how the three daughters finally achieve their respective goals & reach their destiny as the family moves to the ‘City of Dreams’- Mumbai! Ragini portrayed the second daughter, her characters name being Ragini Sharma (fondly called Gini in the show)! Gini was a spirited, bubbly and confident girl who had big dreams in her eyes! She set out on the path to achieve her goal of being a ‘Super Model’ while remaining bonded to her mother and her sisters. Amidst a stellar cast comprising of popular names like Supriya Pilgaonkar, Mona Vasu, Apurva Agnihotri, Ragini managed to hold her ground and make a great ‘First impression’! The sweet and subtle story of friendship and the unspoken love between Gini and Nikhil (played by Nikhil Roy) was a treat to watch. Unfortunately, the show went off air in early 2009 pertaining to declining TRPs!

However, for Ragini (Ragz), her ascent to stardom had just begun!

It was during the last few days of RKB that Ragini was asked to get set for something special; a one in a million, path-breaking role of the Lead Actress in DJs ‘Bhaskar Bharti’ (BB). Loosely based on Argentinean comedy ‘LaLola’, BB tells the story of a Casanova ‘Bhaskar’ who is cursed by one of his ex-girlfriends and is one fine day transformed into a man trapped in a woman’s body!  BB can be considered as Ragini debut as a ‘Lead Actress’ in the world of television! For her character of Bharti, Ragini had to undergo not only a complete image makeover but also adapt to the male mannerism. Along with established names like Aamir Ali, Eijaz Khan, Vivek Mushran and Rajesh Khera, Bhaksar Bharti on Sony Entertainment Television & Ragini made an impressive impact on the audience . The pairing of Ragini and Aamir (playing the character of Armaan Sinha) the pair referred to as ‘ArBi’, they managed to create quite an impression. However, as they say, good things last for a short time, BB too fell prey to the merciless race for ratings and was axed in December, 2009.

Ragini was heartbroken but not disillusioned.

Within days of BB going off air, Ragini was flooded with offers for different roles as the lead and much to the delight of her ardent fans, Ragini took up her new project in a matter of just three months! The name — Ravi Ojha Productions ‘Sasural Genda Phool’ (SGP).

The actress who swore to never be the ‘TYPICAL Bahu’, proved herself and kept her word as she appeared on the television screens as a Bahu with a difference in SGP. The show debuted in March 2010 and proved to be the best phase of Ragini’s professional life! The show which depicts the story of a rich spoilt brat Suhana blossoming into a good bahu with a heart of gold, managed to connect with the audience and laid the platform for  a revamped Star Plus ”Rishta Wahi, Soch Nayi’!

At last, Ragini the Star had arrived!

As they say stardom brings with it fame and accolades galore, no wonder Ragipie became one of the most sought after actress of Star Plus! Be it fiction or reality shows like ‘Meethi Churi’ , ‘Jhalak Dikhlaa Jaa’ or ‘Star ya Rockstar’, Ragini displayed her wide range of talent and wowed the audiences time and again! SGP catapulted her to national and international fame with fans across continents laughing, crying and admiring Ragini as Suhana, the bahu with a difference! She became the favorite of television award shows, either by performing, hosting or bagging awards! Her pairing with Jay Soni (playing the character of Ishaan Kashyap, Suhana’s husband) in SGP was an instant hit and people began to dote on their beloved Sushaan (Suhana + Ishaan). In fact, Ormax Media the official ratings agency had named her character of Suhana as the most popular character on TV.

But for Ragini, there were bigger dreams’!

Not one to be quenched with just the success of SGP, Ragini took her first step towards Bollywood (following the footsteps of her uncle, the Hero No.1 star, Govinda)! She was cast in Rakesh Omprakash Mehra productions ‘Teen thay Bhai’ and cast opposite the massively talented ‘Tanu weds Manu’ star Deepak Dobriyal! With talented stars like Om Puri, Shreyas Talpade, Deepak, Ragini still managed to make an impact for herself playing her character with charm and cuteness!

However, if only some dreams could last forever! Sadly, for Ragini her dream run as Suhana came to an end all of a sudden with SGP going off air in the month of April, 2012!

Sitting in retrospective as we take a look at this very illustrious career that Ragini has managed to carve for herself in such a short time, one thing is clear ‘ Ragini Khanna is a Fighter and above all a Winner! She has faced every single stage of her life, be it personal (growing up away from her father) or professional (the axing of her shows) with dignity and courage and emerged out as a Tue Winner! Her deep love and affection for her family ‘ her mother and her brother; her bonding with her fans and her warm persona are a true delight to watch and admire!

Facebook Fan groups, Online Forums and countless news articles are testament to the place that Ragini has managed to create for herself in the hearts and minds of countless Admirers and well wishers! Even when critics try to point out her failures at times, the love of her fans and appreciation of her co-stars continue to tell a different story altogether!

SGP might have ended but Ragini Khanna, the star is back to host ‘Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa Season 5′ . It is clear that Ragini Khanna *The Star* and the actress is here to stay and grow!

Best wishes to you forever Ragini aka Ragipie’!!

Author: Tanushree & Vipra

Editor: Surya Ravi

Disclaimer: This is viewer blog entry, please do not take this as entertainment news.


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