Rajeev Khandelwal Talks About The Lockdown Times, His Characters, His Routine And Much More – EXCLUSIVE

Rajeev Khandelwal
Rajeev Khandelwal

Rajeev Khandelwal the actor needs no introduction whatsoever. Ever since he debuted in the field of acting back in the year 2002, to till date he continues to set a benchmark with his unique work.

Rajeev Khandelwal
Rajeev Khandelwal

During this lockdown phase we thought why don’t we make all of his fans smile, so we got in touch with him and got to know what he is up to.

Rajeev Khandelwal in an exclusive question and answer chat with Fuze has talked and shared with us his lockdown routine, the characters he portrays, his love for traveling, his debut on Instagram and much more.


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The pranayam mornings 🙂

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You are making use of the lockdown time indulging in various things, so can you list out the number of new things you have been doing in this period? And what exactly is your everyday routine like now?

I’ve been doing a lot of things during this lockdown period. I have enough time to include a whole lot of things, like I wake up in the morning and I wake up really early. I wake up around quarter to 6 or 6 and then I do my pranayam. I do yoga. I do meditation, then I do work out, then I go to my garden.


I pick up fruits and vegetables early from the garden because it gets very hot post ten-o-clock. Then I come back and read something, then I write something. I also play some musical instruments.

Then I get busy with Manjiri in cooking. We cook our lunch and then post lunch we watch some things either on Netflix or Amazon or maybe a film, and then in the evening again it is workout time from 5:30 to 7:30 pm. 7:30 onwards again dinner and then talking to family friends.

Then again reading or writing something and sleep by 11:30 or 12:00. So that’s been my routine.”

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How is life in lockdown? For a travel enthusiast like you how difficult is it to spend all your time at home?

 So I am fortunately in Goa, and I’m not really feeling that I’m boxed up in a house because this house of mine is big enough and is open from all sides. And I have jungles on all sides.

We have a pool here. We have gardens. So, so it doesn’t feel that I’m boxed up inside my house and I’m very, very fortunate that my lockdown actually happened here in Goa.

So, I do miss traveling. I do miss getting out of town. But thankfully these two months have not been as challenging as it has been for many, many others.

Choosing to play Anurag in Marzi would not have been an easy choice, your thoughts on what you felt as soon as were offered the character? For you a character should always click for you to take it up, so what clicked in Anurag Saraswat for you that made you say I should definitely play this character? Was it easy or difficult playing the role?

Anurag in Marzi, was a character that really was different from whatever I had done in the past. It was a different shade altogether. I had not even remotely come close to a shade like this.

So when I first read it, actually my first instinct was to say maybe no. But then because the character was so challenging, I asked myself that why is it that I am kind of refraining from this character. Is it the shade of the character or is it something else or am I not confident enough to pull off this character? And that’s when I realized that maybe, I should be playing this character because that will add to my resume and also the fact that the story walks on a very sensitive issue. It deals with a very sensitive issue and I thought that the issue should come out and someone like me only should do it because there are characters like Anurag, who must be moving around in our society and it is very important to actually, portray a character like that.

 So it was not very easy to play that character, but I think a lot of support came from the director and it was because of him that I am what I am on screen, so great help from Aahana, from directors and from everyone around. We are a great team together and it was fun working on this one.

Your umpteen number of followers were in for a treat watching Marzi on Voot, Heartbeat and Ateet on Zee5, what is the next for you? Where will your fans see you next post lockdown?


Well, Marzi was on Voot and then Heartbeat and Ateet was on Zee5 , as of now I really can’t talk about what my next project is going to be because we are living in a very uncertain phase right now and nobody knows what the next project is going to be.

I am of course, you know signed up for a couple of things but then whether they will start immediately or not, I have no clue about it.

So I really can’t talk about my future projects as of now, maybe a film you’ll get to watch on any of the platforms, but I’m not very sure right now.

How vital it is to follow the lockdown strictly. Your take on the lockdown and the current crisis the world is facing? And a message you would like to spread for everyone?

It is very very important to follow the rules and regulations during lockdown, because this is a problem which is not just hit one individual, or a community, or a state, or for that matter a country. It has hit the whole world and collectively only we can get rid of this whole virus thing and it is important to believe in each other. It is important to trust each other and important to walk with each other.

We have given the responsibility of running the country to a government and the government whatever will decide will be doing it in the favor of the country, in the interest of the country. So it is very important that everyone follows the rules and regulations and the guidelines set by the government, by the administration.

And I think, human beings are very strong, very resilient. So if we are all together in this and if we all brave it out together and if we all fight it together, I am sure we’ll get rid of it.

This is a challenging time. This is a challenging time for everyone. So one should not just think that why is one, he or she into it. The whole world is into it. Have patience and believe in yourself. Be positive, be calm, this too shall pass.

You have joined Instagram recently and you are a very private person, so how is the feeling of being active on Instagram? For you is it easy or tough sharing bits from your personal experience there? 


Well, I have joined Instagram recently and that was because the lockdown happened and then you know Marzi had just come on Voot and I was getting requests by the channel that I come on Instagram so that I can do some Instagram live chats and that is when I thought that maybe because we’re going through this lockdown phase so I could come on Instagram and interact with people and if I can engage and entertain some people then why not, this could be my contribution.

So just to connect with people, because I knew that the times will be very challenging and in these challenging times if I can bring some positivity to some people I would and I’ll feel good about myself.

That is the reason why I came on Instagram and it is tough for me to actually visit Instagram page every day. Sometimes I don’t even remember that I have got to update my things and yeah, so it is not easy, but then I am kind of getting there slowly and steadily, but getting there.

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A sneak peak into my #Heartbeat 🙂

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Heartbeat on Zee5 hits the right chord, the subject of the short film revolves around ‘euthanasia’, what are your thoughts on this in real life?

So, Heartbeat on Zee5, yeah, it hit the right chord. I really believe in euthanasia.

I believe that everyone has the right over their life. And if someone has reached a point where the medical world says no, that there is no chance of one coming back, I don’t believe in sitting for years to and waiting for a miracle to happen because for that one miracle you would have lost so many miraculous moments in your life.

So I don’t think that I am anti-euthanasia. For me, it was the subject that completely resonated with my thoughts. I was very moved by the story line and that is the reason why I picked up heartbeat.

The characters you choose to play always have a striking difference, be it Naushad in Haq Se, Vikram in Cold Lassi Chicken Masala, Anurag in Marzi, Abhimanyu in Heartbeat, how do you pick the character you want to essay? What quality in a character makes Rajeev Khandelwal say yes?

 I don’t know how I pick up my characters. I pick up my characters, I think without giving much thought. I read a script and if it appeals to me, I say yes to it.

There is nothing in particular that I look in characters. I think I just look for the fact that maybe this could bring out a different side of mine. It just has to strike the right note with me and if it does, then I say yes.

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You can’t not dream!

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From all your shows one show you would not mind doing a season 2 of a) On TV b) On The Web

I don’t want to do season 2 of any of the projects that I’ve done already, unless they were meant to have seasons, like Marzi is meant to have season, Cold Lassi is meant to have seasons.

 I may just do it, but I like to exploring new grounds, unless a story is unfinished. Like if I am really forced to do something else then  I think Left Right Left would be one show that I may just do a season two because that was left incomplete. You know, my presence in the show was left incomplete and maybe just to finish it I wouldn’t mind doing Left Right Left, but I hate repeating myself.

I love exploring new grounds. So yeah, let’s see. I mean kiska season pehle aata hai, let’s see, but I am hoping that I explore new grounds.

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Rajeev Khandelwal
Rajeev Khandelwal

Stay Tuned To Fuze!


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