Randeep Rai And Disha Patani Featured In An Advertisement Together – WATCH VIDEO!


Actor Randeep Rai has done many commercials before and after stepping into the television world. From toffees to mobile brands, the actor has done it all.

And amid the multitude of the ads that he was a part of, some just grab our attention due to its cast.

Recently we had a chance to lay our eyes on one of the commercials done by Randeep Rai in the early 2017 which also featured the Bollywood actor Disha Patani.

They both were seen in one of the advertisements of Reliance Digital Store Personalizing Technology.

Reliance aimed to create personalised technology for their customers and Randeep in this advertisement can be seen being the sales assistant while Disha is the customer. Their conversation while Randeep tells her about various products and thereafter the use of personalised technology by Disha is what forms the ad.

The two act perfectly in this commercial and watching Randeep share screen space with Disha is nothing less than a treat for fans!

And moreover Randeep here owns short hair and sports a different look from the present look of Sameer that he has. He looks charming and handsome in this look as well. It seems that Disha is impressed by this sales assistant too!

So what are you waiting for? Here have a look at the advertisement featuring Randeep Rai and Disha Patani together –

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