Rangrasiya: Rudra and Paro Are Oasis In The Desert For One Another!

Ashish Sharma and Sanaya Irani in Rangrasiya

Will Rudra and Paro be one another’s Oasis in the desert in Rangrasiya? Will Paro realize the truth behind her wedding and trust Rudra ?

Colors’ latest offering Rangrasiya is surely making heads turn and the show is picking up slowly and steadily. If in the initial weeks the lead protagonist’s interaction was limited then it was the need of the story, the need to build the drama. In the previous week the audience witnessed a little more of Rudra (Ashish Sharma) and Paro (Sanaya Irani) together and surely with the drama quotient is getting high in the show.

Last week the audiences witnessed varied sequences and underwent varied emotions. Currently the track is such that in Birpur, Paro’s aunt refuses to recognize her and the Thakur Tejwat (Tarun Khanna) is making sure that no one in Birpur acknowledges the fact that Paro belongs there. One cannot help but feel sorry for Paro. If it was not enough that Paro went on become widow from a new bride in a span of few hours, now her aunt, her place and everything else that once belonged to her has disowned her.

On the other hand there is Rudra who has not had a happy childhood. Today he being a brave soldier, is serving his nation with utmost sincerity and dedication but yet he carries the hurt, wound and pain of the past.

Both Rudra and Paro have seen a tough life and in the current phase they both are in pain and they both are alone with no shoulder to lean on. Their anguish is surely enough to move the audiences. While both the protagonist are going through so much, we somehow feel that Rudra and Paro are the ‘Oasis’ in the desert for each other. Only they can pull each other out of misery and pain.

It is said that ‘There is always light at the end of the tunnel’, though Paro’s aunt has refused to acknowledge her, though Paro has lost her husband yet we somehow feel that her life will change for the better in Rudra’s presence. Rudra would want to keep Paro safe and alive at any cost in the coming episodes since she is the only witness the BSD have for the shooting incident that took place. We are wondering if Rudra protecting Paro for the sake of his duty, would he end up developing some kind of attachment towards her which goes beyond duty? We certainly think this is a possibility.

While Rudra would try to protect Paro with his life, we wonder what Tejawat would do? To what extent would he go to hide his real face? Would Tejawat try and harm Paro? This is surely something to ponder about but yes we believe whatever tricks Tejawat stoops down to, Rudra would not let any harm touch Parvati/Paro.

The latest promo of the show is already indicating at some growing attachment and hesitation between the lead protagonists of Rangrasiya. The promo showcases Paro, who has been through a lot lately is in the hospital. She is having a nightmare and is scared. But as they say ‘Why fear when the Hero is here’, Rudra too arrives in the hospital clothing at the scene and tries to calm Paro down. The promo further showcases Rudra holding Paro in an embrace and Paro catching hold of the ‘Rudraksh’ in Rudra’s hand as she opens her eyes. Seeing the promo we feel like an untold, unsaid connection between Rudra and Paro is all set to be born and this is just the beginning.

‘The night is the darkest when the dawn is approaching’, we think that Rudra and Paro are each other’s dawn, whether they fight, argue, give one another a cold shoulder, stay silent yet, Rudra and Paro’s future lays together.

The upcoming episodes of Rangrasiya indeed seem to be promising and entertaining. Let’s wait and watch ‘Kya Rang Laata Hai, Aur Kaise-Kaise Rang Badalta Hai Paro Aur Rudra Ki Kahani’.

Don’t forget to watch Rangrasiya; Monday to Friday at 9:30 PM, only on Colors Viacom 18.

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Author: Surya Ravi

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