RANKED : Top 15 Most Popular Online Shows Of The Month – NOVEMBER UPDATE

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Here we are back with the November installment of the most popular online shows of the last month. This time we have 15 shows which were trending all the time the last month and along with that, were able to maintain a steady tweet value. These were the shows which were successful in piquing the interest of people the whole month. Fans kept on tweeting about them.

Here have a look at the 15 most popular online shows of the last month. Keep in mind that the tweet values are not definite, rather these are the average number of tweets that the mentioned shows have garnered on a daily basis in the last month. This month we also have new entrants in the list. So here we go –

Mariam Khan – Reporting Live

RANK 15 : Mariam Khan Reporting Live

We have a new entrant in the list here. Mariam Khan Reporting Live takes up the 15th spot in our list.

The last month housed a leap in the show with Mahima Makwana and Param Singh being the lead faces. With the leap and new storyline this show has certainly catered to the audience.

Mariam Khan Reporting Live has been able to manage atleast 100 tweets daily the last month.

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  1. Really, no DEM?!
    Are you kidding me?
    LMAO even all the shitty shows are there but not the best show with the hottest leads, i mean height of partiality…


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