Ravi Dubey : Five Reasons Why He Is The Ultimate Jamai Raja On Television

Ravi Dubey
Jamai Raja's Sid (Ravi Dubey)

Jamai Raja’s Sid has become the talk of the town. From his fitness to his flare, everything about him is loved by all who know him. The reason for this love and admiration is all thanks to the popularity of the man who plays him. Ravi Dubey truly stands out as Sid. Here are reasons why.

Ravi Dubey In Jamai Raja
Ravi Dubey In Jamai Raja

Quirky Man
Sid may be the simplest of souls but he is a complex man. Like pieces of a puzzle, he comes together and sees the bigger picture. Ravi Dubey smoothly, without any blemish carries off Sid flawlessly on screen. Apart from DD and Sid’s equation, Dubey’s charm as Sid is another reason for the show’s stupendous success among the masses within such a short period of time.



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