Reasons Why Divyanka Tripathi Is The Best Host ‘The Voice’ Could Have Ever Had!


One of the most integral part of any reality show is it’s host. The host holds the show together, keeps the audiences’ involved both on and off-screen, makes sure that the entertainment factor is at the top notch throughout the show and that’s what exactly the Undisputed Queen of Indian television Divyanka Tripathi Dahiya did as the host of Star Plus’ singing reality show, The Voice!

With each passing episode, we have witnessed a more confident Divyanka as the host and her bond with the contestants was something heartwarming to watch!

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It was the first experience of hosting a reality show for the ever smiling Divyanka and must say, she made an impression that is going to last forever!

As a matter of fact, in the history of singing reality shows, this was the first time ever that a show received much popularity because of the host. #TheVoiceOnStarPlus and #DivyankaAsHost made it to Twitter trends often and even before the first episode aired because fans were looking forward to The Voice just to watch their favourite, hosting the show!

Well, time flew by and this season of The Voice is over, we have a winner in the name of Sumit Saini from Team Harshdeep ( Kaur ) , Congratulations to Sumit and Coach Harshdeep, well deserved win! And, it just sunk in that from next week, there is going to be no Voice and NO Divyanka as the host! *Sad*

Even though there is no doubt about it but still, here are the reasons why Divyanka Tripathi is the Best host, The Voice could have ever had –

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Involvement –
Divyanka’s involvement on The Voice gave us a new view on how a host should actually be. What’s more amazing is, she broke the stereotypical image of hosts on Indian television by just being herself.

During the performances if she was not called backstage for whatever the necessary reason might be, Divyanka was seen sitting along with the contestants in most of the episodes and enjoying the performances just like us.

It’s said, when we love the work we do, the others love our work as well. Same is Divyanka’s case, she really enjoyed hosting and we loved watching her as the host.

Bond With The Coaches And The Contestants – The Voice gave us this rare opportunity to see a host having such genuine connections with the contestants. Right from the blind audition days, we have seen Divyanka always there for the contestants and their families as well.

We have seen her comforting the contestants , encouraging them with genuine appreciative words and jumping with joy along with them whenever they received good remarks from the coaches.

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And the winner is- @officialsumitsainisinger 😍 Picture courtesy : @sunny.punjabi.12

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Like, have you ever seen all of that happening before on any reality show? The host being more happy than the contestant on their good performance? Answer has to be, “No” because Divyanka was not there as the host. The Voice just got lucky and the contestants as well for having such a sweet, humble, caring person as the host.

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And, we all have seen her love for the coaches, especially coach Harshdeep. Divyanka said it on national television on the Great Grand Finale that one person she would miss the most after The Voice is over, is, coach Harshdeep. Well, fandom already ships their friendship with the hashtag #DivDeep and may God bless their bond!

Reflexes – Divyanka’s reflexes as the host have simply been too good for words throughout the show. There is a script for the host to follow on any reality show but there are instances when a host has to handle it on their own by their own words, and Divyanka chose her words and actions like a Queen she is!

Would like to mention, her being a beautiful human being inside out helped her in that because our reflexes tell how we actually are and how we speak or talk in real, Divyanka is SO full of positivity that only positive words and actions came out from her.

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Also, Divyanka never left blanks in her conversations and stood their on the stage with a poker face as the host, which is something really appreciative.

Last but not the least, Thank you, Divyanka for taking us through this beautiful journey of The Voice, thank you for being the Best Host, The Voice could have ever had, thank you for all the good and happy memories to cherish forever!


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