Reasons Why Naamkarann Still May Have The Best To Offer – An Open Letter To Fans!


Dearest Naamkarann Fans,

Consider this as an open letter to you guys from a person who has watched your favourite show since quite some time now.

Having said that, I would also give a fair warning, that you read ahead with an open mind and NOT with an already opinionated mind.

No one did ask me to write whatever I am writing ahead. But seeing the outburst on the social media, for a show that’s still one of the best right now airing on prime time, it made me pen down my thoughts on the same.

I am no one to tell you or suggest you anything, you can read this and very well throw it in the dustbin of your mind if you do not agree with it. But if you feel, I am talking any sense, then kindly give a thought to what I am penning below.


The Story Telling Process

Any show has two leading characters around whom a story is based. In Naamkaran’s case it’s Neil and Avni. They are two strong individuals, much different from each other yet much similar to each other as well.

They fell in love. Circumstances, villains, cupids, good and bad characters – Everything and everyone made them reach where they are today.

In this journey, everyone may have their favourite characters and characters whom they disliked – There had been a phase wherein no one was as bad as Dayawanti, then Shweta became the hurdle, then Juhi, then Vidyut – The level of dislike may have differed for each of these villains, but fact remains that with each of these people and their vile intentions, they enriched Avneil’s story.


That’s the basic work of the characters in a show – Whatever they do, good or bad, they are there because their deeds are supposed to impact the lives of the leads. And then the story is about how TOGETHER the lead characters deal with the same.

A story cannot be of two people only. Like it or not, distasteful characters, loving characters, annoying characters and nonsense characters – Everyone will accompany the leads.

That’s a part of basic story telling process.

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  1. I m totally agree with you I understand that but some so called true fans can’t understand the makers nd the team rising a good issue teenage pregnancy nd how a teenager react when they r obsessed with someone they r showing a star but in reality there is no star but that is not mean they don’t put herself in big trouble u know they r afford to talk to this issue because they live in very safe admosphere there no one talk about those types of issues I m happy the makers take a decision to show social issues its really happen in real life too i know fiction nd really is different but the issues is same now they r showing us a really sancetive issue. A brave stap is taking by the makers.. 👏👏👏


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