Remix – Recreating the Magic on Channel [V]


Remember Tia, Ranveer, Yuvraj and Anvesha? If you don’t, no need to worry because they’re back to jog your memories and make you relive your childhood.

Your all time favorite show, Remix, which previously aired on the now discontinued channel, Star One has found a new home. Channel V of the Viacom 18 network has decided to play reruns of the popular series from Monday to Saturday at 4 pm from May 20th on-wards.

For the duration of the original run Remix was the talk of the town. It was a show which described coming of age, a new beginning and the essence of first love.

The story revolved around the lives of high school seniors who attended the prestigious Maurya High, an institute which catered to the children of the rich and famous. The very few middle class students which attended the school arrived namely on scholarships and as always this social class difference created problems amongst the student population.

The four main characters, Tia Ahuja (Shweta Gulati) – the princess of the fashion world, Anvesha Ray Banerjee (Priya Wal) – Bollywood’s baby, Yuvraaj Dev (Raj Singh Arora) the prince of politics, and Ranveer Sisodia (Karan Wahi) a Rajasthani royal. What happens next and how the four group together, I’ll leave that to May 20th for those that do not know. So get ready to relive the magic of Maurya High! Are you looking forward to watching the show? Let us know in the comment section!

Author: Diana Lydia Parmar

Editor: Rahmina C.


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