Reporters : 7 Things That The Fans Of Reporters Are Thinking At The Moment

Kabir Sharma In Reporters
Kabir Sharma In Reporters

Many a times when we are watching a show, we get so involved in the drama that we literally start talking about them as if they are real characters. As if all of it is happening in real. So basically this is just a small attempt to bring out the probable reaction or thinking of the fans at the moment regarding the pivotal characters of Reporters in the ongoing track. Have a look and tell us in the comments below if we are bang on with your feelings and thinking.

Megha Chatterjee As Malvika In Reporters
Megha Chatterjee As Malvika In Reporters

Malvika- Hypocrisy and bitchiness be so you!

Oh you are so annoying. Half of the time all we want to do is kick you out of KKN. As work is the last thing in your mind. All you want to do is play silly games to get Kabir’s attention and defame Ananya. Inspite of Kabir telling you to mind your own business and stop poking your nose in other’s matters, you still have to go ahead and pull a childish stunt to steal Ananya’s breaking news story footage? How intelligent of you? Ever thought in your stupid and vile games you are harming your own father’s news organisation? Sometimes even lame Manav looks decent in front of you.

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  1. Totally loved this article.

    Yes all the reactions are to the T. We have bazookas, drones, etc aimed at Manav & Malvika. AK-47 aimed at Shreya!

    You forgot Baby – who makes me want to scratch the blackboard!


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