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Manav – How jobless are you?

No seriously, don’t you have a job Manav? We are sure as a news presenter and journalist you have a lot more interesting news to cover than poking your nose in others’ matters. We know as Khalid even you love your dose of entertainment and gossip in office, but only the former knows how to stay in limits and still be endearing, unlike you. Get back to your work already and stop following Malvika’s footsteps.

Disclaimer : Whatever you saw and read above is complete nonsense and hillarious. Isn’t it? Well, if you find it so, then our purpose of entertaining you with utter impossible and nonsense stuff is served. This article is published under the ‘Comedy Zone’ section and any article that is published under this section is purely fictitious and for entertainment purpose. It has no trace of reality and is a result of some wild imagination of our team. We sincerely apologize if anyone finds it non-appealing. Read it, laugh aloud, you can also comment on how crazy we are and then take it with light humour. That will keep you healthy at heart!

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  1. Totally loved this article.

    Yes all the reactions are to the T. We have bazookas, drones, etc aimed at Manav & Malvika. AK-47 aimed at Shreya!

    You forgot Baby – who makes me want to scratch the blackboard!


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