Reporters : Here’s Our 7 Preachy Letters To The Characters Of The Show!

Kabir And Ananya In Reporters
Kabir And Ananya In Reporters

A lot has happened and has been happening in the lives of our Reporters in Sony’s ‘Reporters’. While some characters are finally making sense to us others are simply wanting us to bang our heads against the wall. So to get our feelings across to some of these characters we bring you letters to show’s characters to tell them what we feel about them and their actions:

Rajeev Khandelwal In Reporters
Rajeev Khandelwal As Kabir In Reporters

Dear Kabir, Take It Easy!
It’s a true fact that girls like guys who have a mysterious aura around them and quite often get attracted to men who are not easy to please. Kabir, you are all of that. But this being secretive about your personal life and about your emotions is making things difficult for you and Ananya. We are sure you realise it too. Not saying that you are indeed in love with her, but yes for sure she is the one you have been waiting for since long. We get the fact there are too many things stopping you from accepting your budding feelings for Ananya, but then take it easy. Don’t be so hard on yourself and close yourself from some genuine unadulterated happiness coming your way. And boy, don’t drink and drive. That’s bad!

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  1. Dear All,

    it’s a request ..plz don’t interfere between Kabir n Ananya. . let thm take their decision. as both of them love each others from the heart. Ronnie I feel sorry for u, but u r Ananya ‘ s best friend and she is very lucky to get u. plz don’t do emotional blackmail with her. Richa darling plz be a good Friend of Ananya, n be with her always. Mali ka y u r so jealous on Ananya. .. as Kabir love her. u can’t force Kabirto love


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