Reporters : The Best 4 Moments That Made Yesterday’s Episode A Breather For The Viewers!

Rajeev Khandelwal And Puru Chibber As Kabir And Ronnie In Reporters
Rajeev Khandelwal And Puru Chibber As Kabir And Ronnie In Reporters

Yesterday’s episode of Reporters was like a breath of fresh air for the viewers. After a long time there had been some field reporting in the show amidst which the much stretched problem between Ananya and Richa also got solved. Of course, the mastermind behind this development had been Kabir. Hereby we bring you the top 3 moments in the show that you must not miss from yesterday’s episode;

Richa And Kabir In Reporters
Richa And Kabir In Reporters

You Are Ananya’s Friend And That Makes You My Friend As Well – By Default!

Richa and Kabir’s discussion inside his cabin has been one of the most mature scenes on this show. For the first time, Richa really didn’t have much to counter Kabir’s words. He really didn’t ask her to trust him but just requested not to withdraw the supply of oxygen in her, Ananya and Ronnie’s friendship. As her behaviour with Ananya affects the latter and in chain reaction, a disturbed Ananya affects Kabir. Kabir also accepted his shortcomings that he has the baggage of past with him but also with this communication, for the first time, he acknowledged Richa and Ronnie as his friends. We are at the point in the story, where Kabir has literally started considering everything and everyone related to Ananya close to him. Her friends are his friends now and so are her problems and difficulties.

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  1. Fantastic post once again and I am so glad I can discuss my favourite show on a daily basis here from my office 🙂 other sites are blocked :(…..

    Coming back to the show, yes it was such a relief to see Ananya and Richa finally saying sorry to each other and noone else could solve this problem so well like Kabir. The manner in which he tried to explain Richa each and every aspect clearly only Kabir could do that…glad Ananya did not speak to Richa and mess it up further..since Women are known to first react impulsively in the first instance :)…and it was so heartwarming to see a friendship build up between the 4 of them ..if they are united any team Manav, team Malvika, team Shreya can go and fly a kite…they cannot do anything.

    Kabir such a dream man of any woman…how he warms upto Ananya’s friends and tries to bring them closer instead of snatching her away from them…her friends are his friends..her problems are his problems…her pain is his pain…such a wonderful person to have as a life partner…

    Least Ananya could do was to thank Kabir atleast…the glow on his face when Ananya was happy thinking about Richa and her cleared their misunderstandings was so heart warming…Ananya instead of thanking Kabir went on her Shreya Jhaap.

    Now that Shreya is slowly revealing her real face hope it will make Ananya come to sense and the blind trust she has on Shreya.

    Once again as always Rajeev Khandelwal was outstanding…no words to describe his acting.


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