Reporters : The Best 4 Moments That Made Yesterday’s Episode A Breather For The Viewers!

Kritika Kamra And Shivangi Verma As Ananya And Richa In Reporters
Kritika Kamra And Shivangi Verma As Ananya And Richa In Reporters

The Simultaneous ‘I Am Sorry’

It was a little bit miraculous that both these friends who were living in angst said ‘sorry’ to each other almost simultaneously. But it was kind of cute the way they delivered it. Richa and Ananya’s tuning during the entire story was noteworthy and so their ‘sorry’ also tuned in together. It was a moment of relief when these two became friends again. Richa’s logic and unwanted lecture on Ananya and Kabir’s relationship were just putting the viewers off. Hopefully, the lady will now take it easy and will at least try to become little bit like Ronnie and continue to be Ananya’s support system. Our little suggestion to you Richa – Let the river flow, it will find its own way towards the sea!

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  1. Fantastic post once again and I am so glad I can discuss my favourite show on a daily basis here from my office 🙂 other sites are blocked :(…..

    Coming back to the show, yes it was such a relief to see Ananya and Richa finally saying sorry to each other and noone else could solve this problem so well like Kabir. The manner in which he tried to explain Richa each and every aspect clearly only Kabir could do that…glad Ananya did not speak to Richa and mess it up further..since Women are known to first react impulsively in the first instance :)…and it was so heartwarming to see a friendship build up between the 4 of them ..if they are united any team Manav, team Malvika, team Shreya can go and fly a kite…they cannot do anything.

    Kabir such a dream man of any woman…how he warms upto Ananya’s friends and tries to bring them closer instead of snatching her away from them…her friends are his friends..her problems are his problems…her pain is his pain…such a wonderful person to have as a life partner…

    Least Ananya could do was to thank Kabir atleast…the glow on his face when Ananya was happy thinking about Richa and her cleared their misunderstandings was so heart warming…Ananya instead of thanking Kabir went on her Shreya Jhaap.

    Now that Shreya is slowly revealing her real face hope it will make Ananya come to sense and the blind trust she has on Shreya.

    Once again as always Rajeev Khandelwal was outstanding…no words to describe his acting.


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