Retro Reel on Viren and Jeevika – A Symbol of Undying Faith and Love

Viren and Jeevika
Viren and Jeevika
Viren and Jeevika
Retro Reel: Viren and Jeevika – A Symbol of Undying Faith and Love

An ideal marriage is based on equality and the strong hold of both the counterparts involved. When two individuals work hand in hand to make faith, love and understanding proud – true love is justified. While this kind of love is a rarely found in the real world, storybooks keep the hope of true love alive. Viren and Jeevika Vadhera of Star Plus’ Ek Hazaron Mein Meri Behna Hai was a true symbol of undying faith and love.

A successful lawyer, Viren Vadhera (Karan Tacker) was the eldest son of the Vadhera family of Chandigardh. Likewise, Jeevika Choudhary (Krystle Dsouza) was the eldest and most innocent daughter of Rishikesh’s prominent Choudhary family.

Viren Vadhera was a man which every girl would dream of. He was the ideal lover and husband that television industry saw in recent times. When television screens were ruled by numerous angry young men, this sole clam, composed and romantic character appeared on screen and conquered their hearts with his charming smile and magnificent persona.

Viren and Jeevika were been made to meet each other for the first time when their families decided to get the two together in a wedlock. The two strangers who are worlds apart are soon torn apart due to Jeevika’s sister, Manvi (Nia Sharma), who does not wish for her sister to move away from her after marriage.

She was later arranged to meet a local doctor, Mannan (Abhinav Shukla) but fate has other plans. Slowly over time, Viren and Jeevika realize that they have fallen in love. Viren once again tries to win over Jeevika’s heart, this time assuring Manvi that nothing will separate her from Jeevika. The duo were soon joined together in holy matrimony, only to experience a roller coaster of emotions thereafter.

Despite the many ups and downs, the couple seemed to have pulled it together, making their marriage successful. They provided strength to one another when one was weak. They loved each other and each other’s families and provided bedrock for each other to stand a firm ground when the world around them shattered.

Through the struggles of life, they never faltered. Their faith as a couple was tested most when Manvi (Jeevika’s sister) was diagnosed with cancer. Her form of cancer was only to be treated with a bone marrow transplant but due to a lack of a marrow, her life was at risk.

Viren and Jeevika
Viren and Jeevika

In the end, the only match that was available was Jeevika and Viren’s unborn child. After much speculation, Viren decided to keep his promise to Manvi. He did not let anything or anyone separate the two sisters and the couple gave up their child to save Manvi. In a turn of events, Manvi was declared cancer free prior to the transplant butViren and Jeevika never disclosed to her that they sacrificed their unborn child in attempt to save her.

After having such true love for someone, there would not be a soul in this world whose heart would not melt. Displaying such heroic acts of love is not only difficult but almost impossible in this day and age, yet Viren and Jeevika set out to prove to the world that love can be strong and courageous.

A part of Jeevika’s mind always belonged to her sister Manvi. Viren simply went ahead and attached his heart to her mind but never complained (which normally many of the husbands are expected to do).

What made Viren and Jeevika different? Well, if Jeevika was innocentthen Viren was the most intelligent. When Jeevika gave up, he did boost her up to face anything and everything. When Jeevika failed, he never let her take a step behind. Similarly, when Viren went wrong, Jeevika was there to make things right for him. He loved what she loved and she adored what he adored. They respected each other which only grew with time and became reverence for each other.

‘Virika’ fans understand this love and appreciate it. Karan Tacker and Krystle Dsouza’s portrayal of Viren and Jeevika befits their own loving nature. After the completion of the series, it is evident that

Author: Diana Lydia



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