Retro Reel : Virat And Maanvi Being Friends and Partners Forever!

Virat and Maanvi
Virat and Maanvi
Virat and Maanvi
Virat and Maanvi

Yeh ladki to lagti hai mujhko badi sir phiri
Par khud ko samajhti hai yeh aasmaan ki pari
Arre hai yeh chavanni par phirti hai dollar bani
Zero hai knowledge par rehti hai scholar bani
Kaanto ki tokri ego se hai bhari dekho
Seedhi lagti hai par tedhi hai yeh badi dekho………
Hua kya hua kya hua kya re bol deewani

She was a bit ‘sar phiri’. But he never hesitated to go as mad as her. She was childish but he always wanted to be a child with her. If she was playful, he never denied to play along with her. When she laughed, he kept stealing his own smiles from her moments. She lived her life fully and he learned how to live from her.

Many people might have forgotten the song above but those who remember are for sure smiling while reading the lyrics after a prolonged journey with their memorable ‘Virmaan’. In today’s retro reel, we present you with all the happy and sad memories that made you all fall in love with Virat and Maanvi’s unforgettable love which was a fruit of their unmatched friendship.

Virat came to know Maanvi as his sister-in-law’s younger sister. Their small ‘nok-jhok’ made them dislike each other. But Alas! Even they failed to realise when the little fights made them ‘Partner’ in crime and they truly bonded with each other being each others’ ‘Partner’ in true sense.

Virat and Maanvi
Virat and Maanvi

If one truly wants to witness how a pure friendship converts itself into irrevocable love, then Virat and Maanvi’s love is surely to be watched. They are special because even after being lovers and later husband and wife, they remained friends forever.

Maanvi, being a true friend tried to set his previous relationship right. But she was unaware of the fact that she is leaving someone to another who is extremely dear to her and he was not aware of someone who was more than what we already call to be ‘dear’ to him. He was a ‘lost kid’ who was brought back to home by Maanvi.

When they realised their love for each other, tragedy hit them with all the unexpected consequences.

Maanvi, a budding flower, suddenly started losing its fragrance as an incurable disease hit her. The ever so lively girl started losing all hope and all routes to come back and now it was his turn to bring her back home! As she denied to walk, he made her run, as she trembled with fear, he hugged her like a savior. She cried with pain and he held her hand easing out all her miseries, she was hopeless and she wept, he held her up and made her fight again! When she lost her beauty, he gave up his own handsomeness to match up with her.

Virat and Manvi
Virat and Maanvi

Their friendship, trust and love fought with the impossible and inevitable. They won their fight and tied their knot together, a promise to stay with each other forever.

Life is hard and practical happenings often hurt emotions. They were in love and he was as good as a husband as he was as a friend. He let his wife move ahead and ‘walk head to head’ along with him when he decided to share the stage of success (music) with her. External forces tried to divide them and rip them apart, but such was their strong bond that they both quit the stage together as nothing mattered to them more other than each other. He was still a loner without her and she still had her smile and her heart with him.

Momentary anguish can perish strong faith and trust. She left him when he lost his cool and demanded a free life without any child for the sake of his profession. She thought of him as a changed man and left as a mother leaving the wife behind. When she was no longer with him, he realised his fault and rushed to her. She denied to fall for him again but he being her ‘Partner’ finally won over her again!

Virat And Maanvi
Virat And Maanvi

The beautiful journey ended last year in September. But their memories are filled in our minds forever. ‘Virmaan’ as fondly called by their fans, were a unique example of friendship cum love on Indian Television.

Huge applaud to the CVs of ‘Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hai’ for creating them and also Kushal Tandon and Nia Sharma for portraying them flawlessly on screen.



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