REVIEW OF IPKKND 27th August 2012 to 31st August 2012


The week in Iss Pyar Ko kya Naam Doon started with khushi’s attempt to surprise Arnav by taking him to an elite Italian Restaurant for a romantic date. But Khushi being the typical Khushi, amazed Arnav through her struggling endeavour towards blending into Arnav’s sophistication. Whether it was the ‘popping the bubble’ of the Champaign or Arnav’s mimic of khushi , the episode was quite entertaining and startling for the viewers.

The joint ‘mehndi & godbharaai’ ceremony too was quite eventful. The ceremony was full of colours, romance, music and dangerous vengeance which marked shyam’s return to the Raizada mansion. In between the intensifying romance between Arnav and Khushi , Shyam’s evil master plan was also spanning its stretch. The dance sequence on ‘Mehndi Lagaake Rakhna’, or the all consuming ‘dori’ scene of Arnav and Khushi, all did leave an astounding audience behind.

But it seemed the week was dedicated fully to Shyam and his atrocious efforts which finally resulted into Anjali’s miscarriage. Abhaas Mehta was at his best and he portrayed shyam with his exquisite performance. The villain carried out his plans successfully but with a typical elegance that made the viewers repulse and resent with hatred.

The Hospital sequence where arnav gets to know about his dii’s misfortune was portrayed with enormous emotions in which Barun Sobti clearly stood out to be the top notch actor. The subtle acting carried out by the actor surely proved to be the performance of the day!
With all the high melodrama getting unfolded, the week had some comic relief too with Karan Goddwani delivering his best as NK. The phone conversation with bua ji was amusing and a pure comic entertainment to the fans.

But somewhere it is indigestible that a character like Arnav Singh Raizada is still unaware about Shyam’s dwelling within his own house. The ever clever ASR somewhere is lagging behind the vicious shyam and the villain is taking a toll on the hero at the moment in the show. The viewers are still waiting eagerly for the truth to get revealed and ASR facing the bitter truth of Shyam’s return in their lives. A face off between the two will be more interesting to watch rather than the hide and seek between the hero and the villain which is been dragged for quite a lot of time now.

The drama is at its high point now with Anjali’s miscarriage, Arnav’s breakdown, the marriage being at stake and the past knocking the doors. Probably this miscarriage will lead to shyam’s re-entry to the house.

How will Arnav pull through his ‘di’ through this massacre? What will happen to the wedding ceremony? How will garima escape Daadi’s glares? What will Arnav do when the khushi’s past will come haunting him? How will khushi survive all the blame? What is shyam manohar jha’s next step?

To know all these keep watching Iss Pyar Ko Kya Naam Doon from Monday to Friday at 8 pm only on Star Plus.

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Author : Saheli Goswami

Editor : Diana Lydia


  1. we wnt dance performance in bachler party by arshi together with full of romance and dhamal i soooooooooooooo much like to arshi they are sooooooooooooo cute couple.


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