Dil Dosti Dance : Rey and Kria’s ‘Khuda Jaane’ Earns Max TRP!

Dil Dosti Dance
Dil Dosti Dance: Rey and Kria
Dil Dosti Dance
Dil Dosti Dance: Rey and Kria

Rey and Kria’s recent ‘Khuda Jaane’ dance performance in Dil Dosti Dance gets audience thumbs up and high TRP of 3.5.

Dance has always been the main flavour of Channel V’s Dil Dosti Dance. In the recent episodes the audience witnessed the lead protagonists Swayam Shekhawat (Shantanu Maheshwari) and Sharon Rai Prakash (Vrushika Mehta) swaying to the tune of ‘Alvida’ while the other lead pair of the show Reyansh Singhania and Kria Ghai danced to the rhythm of ‘Khuda Jaane’.

Both the dances were heart touching and it looked like it was straight from the heart.

We are here with a very good and happy news for Rey and Kria’s fans. According to certain reports Rey and Kria’s’Khuda Jaane’ dance episode has received a huge TRP. Kunwar Amarjeet Singh who essays the character of Rey in the show tweeted regarding the same. The actor expressed his joy over the fact that ‘Khuda Jaane’ dance has garnered a whooping TRP.

The actor’s happiness could be known from his tweet. He says:

Kunwar [email protected]_amar16

And a special thanx to make Khuda jane again a big hit as that episode had cross more than 3.5 trp, love u all muhaaaaa

Another Tweet by the actor, we believe he is talking about being the highest TRP gainer among Channel V programs.

Kunwar [email protected]_amar16

Highest trp again this tym again a new record, all thanx to u guys

Clearly Rey and Kria’s dance has soared high on TRP. It’s no wonder that this has happened as there are umpteen number of ‘Kriyaansh’ fans out there who took it upon themselves to make sure that actress Shakti Mohan comes back as Kria and Rey and Kria’s story comes alive yet again.

Rey and Kria’s dances together have been a hit earlier and even now the whooping high TRP of Rey and Kria’s recent Khuda Jaane dance have set them apart. Amar and Shakti have performed on the song ‘Khuda Jaane’ three times earlier and this particular dance happens to be their fourth time they have performed it as Rey and Kria on the song and this dance had altogether a different choreography while the earlier dances had similar choreography.

Clearly it means ‘Khuda Jaane’ with Rey and Kria is a blockbuster hit in Dil Dosti Dance every time these actors dance on it. And ascertaining the number of times this particular song has been played on the two of them, it feels as though ‘The Khuda Jaane’ song is the trademark for Rey and Kria.

We would like to wish Kunwar Amar and Shakti Mohan loads of luck and we would also like to congratulate the fans for the achievement. And may Dil Dosti Dance see many more highs!

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Author: Surya Ravi



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