Richa Yamini : I Am Kind Of Proud Of Parth And Niti For The 2.2 Versions They Have Come To Be, Both As People And Actors

Richa Yamini (Left), Parth Samthaan And Niti Taylor (Right)
Richa Yamini (Left), Parth Samthaan And Niti Taylor (Right)

MTV’s popular youth show Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan which is now back with a brand new season kickstarted with a bang last week.

Richa Yamini, the creative director and writer of the show, talks to us exclusively about season 3, its twists and of course MaNan played by Parth Samthaan and Niti Taylor.

1) The fans of Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan are very particular about only you handling and writing MaNan. They have so much faith and trust in you as a creative. How do you feel about all this and the love pouring in for you?

Really want to thank each one of you who had the faith in me and I really hope that I live upto the expectations in this new season too. The kind of response season 1 got and the critiquing that all of the fans did for it, gave me the strength to come up with the plot of this season.

We could have easily gone down the route of an epilogue and continued with the characters we had established in season 1 for season 3 but in my head the valentine’s special we did last year was the epilogue where you got a glimpse into Manik and Nandini’s fairytale life and that is why the new story starts four years after that when they have been in a relationship for last six years.

The idea is to deconstruct the fairytale and if the love will survive the harsh realities of life. Who doesn’t love a fairytale but does it happen in real life? Even the new princess has had her share of struggles and triumphs in her life!

Wouldn’t the love be greater and more believable if it survives and shines through the darkness of life whether it is your baggage about your parents, a girl hitting on your partner or your expectation of marriage because that’s what the society you have grown up in tells you is the manifestation of commitment, even though this love would be messier.

That’s what KYY season 3 is trying to explore and only if the fans enjoy it then I would think that we have been able to explore a new dimension of love and if they don’t then it’s a personal loss.

2) Season 3 has been a huge welcome surprise for the fans. Their happiness knows no bounds. How do you personally feel about this season and the whole team you worked with?

I think any success is as good as its team and every team member has to put their best foot forward. People who know me, know that I am a control freak and irritatingly anal about stuff but my team always comes through for me otherwise the show wouldn’t have got the success it has today or in the past.

I am also a believer of energies and I often say this to the team that its rare that the right kind of energies of different people align and make a success.

One should appreciate it and strive to keep that energy flowing. In terms of season 3 I think we had good amount of pre prod time as it is a limited series and most of the scripts were locked by the time we went on floor.

Therefore a lot of attention could be given to detail whether it is styling, sets, songs, casting or character nuances.

Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan

3) 5 Episodes are already up within the first week out of the 13 epsiodes that are set for this season. It created quite an uproar last week. Was it a conscious decision?

It was definitely a conscious decision, most of the web series are released at one go as people mostly binge watch on web, it was staggered by Voot only because they thought KYY viewing pattern would be different as it had already been on TV but I don’t have enough information on the marketing strategy so would refrain from commenting….contd

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  1. Yes, I like your comment. You are mother of MaNan. We all know, you can never separate from each other. Because, Manan is forever where fireflies and stars glow everywhere. MaNan are magical couple forever and be always. I liked your new concept of this season. Hatts off you and all crew casts. We trust on you faithfully.


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