Richa Yamini : I Am Kind Of Proud Of Parth And Niti For The 2.2 Versions They Have Come To Be, Both As People And Actors

Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan Season 3

10) Fans are overjoyed with the 2.2 version they are seeing of Niti and Parth this time. What do you have to say about them this season as individuals and as a unit?

To be honest I have never had any complains with Parth and Niti, they were always fabulous on screen and always performed their scenes to the script, what more can you want.

But I think with the years, they have both matured as persons and actors and both of them this season have been an absolute delight, both on-screen and off-screen.

I think that added to a lot of positivity on the sets. I really hope they get wonderful characters ahead which can showcase their talent well.

I am kind of proud of them for the 2.2 versions they have come to be, both as people and actors.

11) Last but not the least, what about season 4? The team has been pretty vocal about its chances. If yes, will it be a continuation or a new story?

I really don’t know anything about season 4, As of now season 3 is where Manik and Nandini get a closure to their story.


  1. Yes, I like your comment. You are mother of MaNan. We all know, you can never separate from each other. Because, Manan is forever where fireflies and stars glow everywhere. MaNan are magical couple forever and be always. I liked your new concept of this season. Hatts off you and all crew casts. We trust on you faithfully.


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