“Ronit Dada is Very Loving Towards Me.” – Romit Raj

Romit Raj
Romit Raj
Romit Raj
Romit Raj

Amidst the hustle and bustle of court-room drama emerged a face, or faces, we will never forget. His dynamic portrayal of Varun stirred the nation. Even after his death scene on Aadalat, audiences wanted more of him. Making his return to the show, he became one of the most loved characters. He is none other than Romit Raj.

Fuze sat down with Romit Raj for a heart to heart. Here is what the young and dashing actor had to say.

What attributes of your character Varun attracted you to him the most?

What I liked most about Varun is that he is intelligent fearless and adventurous. There are stories where Varun has action scenes and I love playing it.Also I have played more than 15 characters till now on Adaalat which is very challenging.

What have you as a person learned from your character?

What I have learnt from Varun is that “Jo dikhta hain woh hota nahin aur jo hain woh dikhta nahin”

Varun is a man of many disguises, which is your personal favorite and why?

My personal favorite is the one where I play a street fighter and I go to a don where I have a fight and I run for my life.

To the audience KD and Varun are no less than Batman and Robin. How is your rapport with Ronit Roy who plays KD Pathak on the show?

I love hearing this that we are the Indian Batman and Robin Jodi. Ronit Dada is very loving towards me and always there to help. It is because of him and his encouragement that KD and Varun are awesome together. Initially, Varun was killed in the show and then brought back to life thanks to viewers who love the KD and Varun chemistry.

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Numerous crime and law based shows, both fiction and non-fiction, have arisen in the past decade. How do you believe they reflect the thoughts of the Indian audiences?

The Indian audience is very intelligent and aware today thanks to multiple news channels. As a result, our production house and channel creatives try and get a surprise element in every story of Aadalat which the audience can relate to.

How important is it to use popular media outlets to bring awareness to the under-educated masses?

I feel a country or economy can only move forward if each one is educated and we should take all possible measures to do that.

What kind of things should an aspiring actor is involved in to prepare themselves for this field of work?

An actor should be well read and eager to learn the craft of acting. He should study characters and be open to change.

What is the most difficult thing about being a celebrity?

The worst thing about being a celebrity is that your break ups become the talk of the town. You can be shattered from inside out yet people will bombard you with personal questions.

Previously you have been a part of family dramas and now a courtroom drama, what other aspects of Indian Television would you like to explore?

I would love to revisit shows such as 24, Prison Break and Entourage on Indian Television.

Author: Diana Lydia


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