Rrahul Sudhir Talks About Twisted 2 : Many Of Our Scenes Were Unrehearsed!

Rrahul Sudhir In Twisted 2
Rrahul Sudhir In Twisted 2

We are sliding into an era that’s opening door to more entertainment mediums and digital space being the recent one is rapidly flooding with content for the viewers who wish to put the daily soaps aside to see something that’s unconventional and explore the boundaries beyond what’s set by the television industry.

Amidst the emerging entertaining web series was Bhatt camp’s thriller ‘TWISTED’, starring Nia Sharma, Rrahul Sudhir and Namit Khanna which was a huge hit among the viewers and much to the demands, the makers decided to come up with another season of it.

Nia Sharma and Rrahul Sudhir starrer ‘Twisted 2 ‘, offers a thrill ride that’s more intriguing with the suspense, emotions and even vengeance doubled up this time.

The web series had already crossed 1 million views in less than 12 hours and now with the first episode already hitting the 3 million mark and still counting, we, at Fuze got in touch with the lead actor Rrahul, who essayed the character of cop Aryan Mathur in the previous one and now can be seen opposite Nia Sharma, as the lead actor this time.

Speaking to Fuze in an exclusive chat, the actor reveals it all about his experiences, struggles and memories related to the series. Have a look at what he shared with Fuze –

1. From the cop Aryan Mathur to the lead character of Aryan Mathur, how has the journey been?

I think I was lucky when I got the cop’s role. The casting was going on and it was by chance that I got the role. I was happy as it was although not the lead but a pretty big role for me that I got.

Soon after Twisted 1, I got the call that they were willing to do Twisted 2 with me and I was more than happy but then came the worst part that it wasn’t starting off.

Some or the other issues kept coming up, be it the change of actress initially or her date issues but then finally when we agreed to get it started I was relieved that yes we were back on track and now we can make a good series.

By January I got the first draft of how the story was going to be and that’s when I also got to know that my character, Aryan had turned into an alcoholic. All in all the journey was bitter sweet.

It was sweet because it had to be the best role by far and also the first lead role and bitter because the wait was pretty long. But now that I look back it seems like it all started off at the right time and with so many people telling that they liked it, it makes sense!

2. Although you have played the same character in the series as before but with a lot of modifications in the story line. How did you prepare yourself to suit this role this time since a lot of change was reflected in your appearance?

That was the toughest part. I got a draft in January second week which said that Aryan was an alcoholic and there was a three year leap and we had to start shooting by February end.

Since Aryan Mathur was supposed to be an alcoholic since three years, it had to be shown on-screen too! The character could either increase in weight or lose weight and I went for the latter option.

I started to drastically lose weight, run a lot, such that I even suffered from ligament tears which I was put on bed rest for.

On the first day on set, Nia was literally like ‘What have you done to yourself?! Look at you!, You can’t be thinner than me!’. She’d everyday take my case and joke around but later she did consider that I had worked for the role and decided to spare me and not tease much (laughs off!)

3. Twisted 2 has been a hit already despite of it not being released for free on YouTube this time. Did you expect the response to be the same like before while commencing with the project or was there any fear before its release?

Talking about my own fears. The fear I had was a bit different. As Namit Khanna had already set the benchmark in the shoes of the lead actor when mine was only a side role, as an actor it was a challenge for me to get people to accept me. To get into their hearts was a task and my first fear too. After all, take an example, no matter how good Tom Cruise is, for us he can never replace Jon Snow in Game of Thrones. That’s the impact he has had on people and that’s how people have always imagined his character!

Since the thrill level is entirely different in this one, I feared whether people would like it or not. The biggest mystery about the murderer was itself revealed in the first episode and the actual thrill was varying because of which the thought of people watching or not always clouded my mind. So yes, these were two biggest fears I dealt with, before the shoot and even every day when the shoot began.

Rrahul Sudhir In Twisted 2

4. Aryan Mathur and Aliyah Mukherjee had twisted the whole game around them this time and the chemistry was loved by the audiences. Tell us something about your equation with Nia Sharma on and off screen while filming the series.

Talking about Nia, firstly she’s very good at her work. There’s no air about her or any ounce of attitude of being a celebrity or anything. She’s extremely focused about doing the job in her hand and to the best of her ability. Me too having the same ideology worked like a common base point for both of us to start off.

Also the best part being, we had already met during the previous series shoot, we had spoken to each other and knew the backstory of the work we were doing too which helped to a great extent. And since both us approached our work with seriousness, a mutual respect for each other is what automatically comes there.

Owing to the trust we had on each other’s work, we just decided to respond to each other’s realities and see where the scene goes. Many of our scenes were unrehearsed! We just tried to do it in the moment and if it came out well, then good or we would do it again.

Moreover, we didn’t have any inhibitions. Our director is a friend first hence it was a team of three people working in sync. We all knew where we were coming from and with all the inputs taken in right spirit, the result was bound to be good.

5. One memorable incident, good or bad while filming the series that you’ll never forget?

It’s hard to mention one memorable moment since there are many but yes I’ll tell one of my most favorite ones.

There’s this one scene where Aliyah faints in a children’s nursery in hospital and Aryan later on comes to see her at her place. That was a big transformation moment for the character since that was the first time he came and acknowledged the fact that he’s in love.

The scene was magical for me and I truly felt that there was a lot of input that went on a creative end in that scene.

The way it was written so well and the tenderness of the scene was such that I did the best I could and I think that was my favorite scene from the whole series.

6. Last but not the least, if there was an alternate ending YOU wished to have in the series, what would that have been?

If I had to give an alternative ending then I would not want it to be a happy ending. I personally thought that Aryan should have been shot. The interesting ending would be if Aliyah and Aryan wouldn’t have met even after everything was in place. Leave the love story hanging, but not showing me dying, although it would have given it a very bad ending maybe or sadistic one but the suspense would have lingered on.

Since they had planned a happy ending which was totally understandable, but from the new age perspective, I personally thought they shouldn’t have met! If ever there was a plan in future for Twisted 3 to be made, they could’ve picked up from that note. So yeah, for me it wouldn’t have been a happy ending (laughs) .

Well that’s an interesting angle to think of in the story. Wishing the very loved cop, Rrahul Sudhir aka Aryan Mathur all the best for his upcoming endeavors!

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