Rudra Paro’s Captor and Protector: Rangrasiya

Rang Rasiya
Rang Rasiya
Rang Rasiya

Rudra is Paro’s captor and protector at the same time in Rangrasiya.

Nautanki Films’ Rangrasiya has been entertaining the audiences right from its inception. There was a lot of expectations from the show especially because it stars Sanaya Irani as the female lead protagonist. Fulfilling the expectations of the ardent followers of the show, the soap is on a high. Seems like the makers are leaving no stone unturned to make the storyline more interesting and intriguing.


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In the current phase it was seen that Rudra (Ashish Sharma) who had held Paro (Sanaya Irani) in his capture lets her go. While Paro leaves and is elated that she can go back to her aunt, she is unaware of them fact that Rudra and Aman (Padam Bhola) are following her every move. Furthermore, the audience in the recent episode also saw that Paro who feels as though she is being followed finally spots Rudra and Aman.

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Paro now without even realizing that her life would be in grave danger misleads Rudra and Aman leaving Rudra and Aman searching for her. This situation was like ‘Ghar mein bachcha seher mein dindhora’ as when Rudra is searching for Paro and thinks that Paro might have gone to the Thakur haveli first, he doesn’t know that she again comes back to his place.

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No prizes for guessing that Paro is back to her safe cocoon near Rudra. But now with Paro being back in Rudra’s vicinity, the audience can look forward to a lot of interactions where Rudra and Paro will be at loggerheads. In the upcoming episodes in all probability sparks will fly and there will be fights between the two which would erupt flames. In the coming episodes, the viewers will also see Paro facing Rudra and fighting back, leaving her damsel in distress state behind.

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It would be interesting to watch when these two firebrands would clash, where on one hand Rudra will try to rule and on the other hand Paro too will not give up. This clash of power and confidence would really be interesting to watch.

We say Rudra is Paro’s captor and protector in Rangrasiya because, Rudra is not Paro’s captor but he is also her protector. Rudra on one hand has captured Paro and has spread the wrong news every where that Paro is not alive. But the truth of the matter is Rudra has kept Paroalive in his confines. Rudra might say that he needs to keep Paro alive as she is their only witness but yet somewhere in this capturing and protecting for duty business we somehow feel the protecting aspect is slowly but steadily growing into something that is more than just for the sake of duty.

Rangrasiya: Paro and Rudra

The chemistry of Rudra and Paro is already setting the television screens ablaze and this will get better and better as the story moves forward.

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Rudra pretends to be bad but yet he is the good guy. With both Rudra and Paro ready for war with each other, ready to fight, their locking horns would surely add up spice to this drama that too ‘tadka marrke’.

Rudra Paro’s Captor and Protector: Rangrasiya

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So are you exciting for Rudra and Paro’s upcoming fights? Do let us know in the comment section.

Don’t forget to watch Rangrasiya; Monday to Friday at 9:30 PM, only on Colors Viacom 18.

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Author: Surya Ravi

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  1. Love Sanaya irani as paro none can be better than her, she is the queen of expressions. The best and the most versatile actress on Indian TV


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