Sadda Haq: 5 Reasons Why Current Track Is A Disappointment To Viewers

Sadda Haq
Randhir And Sanyukta - Sadda Haq

Sadda Haq became a favorite youth show within a short time. The first season dealt with engineering students which became a huge success. And second season is dealing with space and scientists, which started off good, but then the present track is bringing in huge disappointment to viewers.

Sadda Haq
Param Singh And Harshita Gaur As Randhir And Sanyukta In Sadda Haq

No Re-Union Of Randhir And Sanyukta:

First big drawback is no reunion for Randhir and Sanyukta. Ever since season 2 started, fans are waiting for Randhir and Sanyukta to unite but then only constant misunderstanding is brewed between the couple with no hope for them to unite. This is a huge disappointment to the viewers.

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