The Saga Of Ishqbaaz Spoil-Ing (Spoilers + Bashing) ! – A Fun Take!


Hola guys! Apologies for ditching the last night episode article but I’m sure you guys must have got a 10 times better booster dose of an article that way. Well I was practically busy digging my own grave, read the article below and you’ll know why and how.

Caution – The article below is dripping with pure sarcasm just in case someone intends to believe it all in true sense!

Ishqbaaz is one such show where the spoilers must have outnumbered the episodes in total by now and as much it’s receiving love from the viewers worldwide, just like two sides of a coin there are fans expressing their displeasure and giving the show its apparent share of hate and bashing too.


A multi-starrer show has always been in the firing line for it segregate the fandoms into divisions based on their favorite jodis, actors and in such a time bashing of that particular show, a jodi or makers rather become quite a common fiasco amidst all the fan wars.

And before the third world war begins here too, let us just remind everyone that neither are we getting paid for taking any favors nor this is to pinpoint anyone. The article is to be taken in a funny sense as that’s what its meant for! So let us make you go through the upcoming spoilers with a blend of some legit logic behind the ongoing bashing of the makers.


1. Gauri and Omkara’s Romance –

The very first intended spoiler is some steamy upcoming romance between the two wherein Omkara would be seen tying the dori of Gauri’s dress and the two would share an intimate moment.

Now if I come to talk about it, I fail to understand why are the makers trying to deliver a Rikara scene when in the first place, they already are fond of a particular jodi, as per a few?

Now giving such a hot romantic scene would surely give them a few dialogues too and who knows maybe the jodi would outdo a certain one and the show is probably left to survive on single jodi?

And since the makers cannot tolerate another Jodi being popular among the fans (according to a few), how can, in the world they just show such scenes which would make us fall in love with them more? So not done you see! (according to some people of course!)

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    I can’t😂😂😂 I was also thinking that Ruvya & Rikara had vanilla cake smudge & Shivika had chocolate cake some people may have discrimination problem here also😭😂😂


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