Sanjivani : Dr. Sid’s Dreamy Look And ‘Something Special’ Hidden In The Picture Will Make You Guess What’s Ahead For ‘Sidisha’

Namit Khanna
Namit Khanna

Sanjivani 2,from the beginning itself has geared up the audience for interesting twist and turns and the viewers are loving every ounce of the show from the story to the actors.

Recently Namit Khanna, who is playing Dr. Sid in the show has posted a picture and the enthralling fact about that is the pretty locket he is wearing which says”Sidisha” with a caption saying,
“Dr Sid is up to something as the truth is out.. big clue in the photo! let’s see if you can guess what’s gonna happen?”. And here we got some clue of the upcoming track.

As we all know that due to Asha’s cunning games Sid and Ishani had to part ways but now the truth is out and things are sorted and moreover Asha has been kicked out. So now Sid is trying to convince Ishani by doing something or the other.

Hence, as per this picture which Sid shared we got a clue that romance is in the air for Sid and Ishani in the upcoming track and the viewers will be delighted by their cute sneaky-peaky romantic moments.

Check out the photo right here!



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