Sanjivani New Promo : Dr. Ishani Is Hit By This Disease And How! #IshaniHasLoveria


Star Plus’ Sanjivani is taking an interesting turn for good and the story is now seeming interesting with addition of much more variations in the characters and new angles in the show.

Dr. Ishani, played by Surbhi Chandna, who’s character is shown to be very reserved and not much expressive due to her inhibitions developed from the past, is now going to enter an entirely different phase of her life.

The latest sequence in the show witnessed Dr. Sid aka Namit Khanna ending up on the death bed after the intense injuries he suffered at the hand of the goons while trying to protect Ishani.

And while the whole situation rolls out, Ishani realizes her feelings going haywire and taking a different turn for Dr. Sid after she witnesses the side of this golden hearted man.

It’s all about ‘Kuch To Hua Hai, Kuch Ho Gaya Hai’ going on inside Ishani’s heart. Her heart flutters, the heart rate shoots up and while madam may think she’s hallucinating butterflies around when with Sid, it’s nothing but the love bug that has bitten our heroine and #Loveria is what she has been diagnosed with.

The twitteratis have already passed their verdict with #IshaniHasLoveria and now it would be a complete delight to see this messed up version of Dr. Ishani and how she’ll manage the symptomatic control and find the cure to her disease!



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