Sanjivani Revisited – Spontaneity Of New Residents, Corporal Politics And The Essence Of Humanity Sums Up The First Episode For Us


The first episode of the much awaited show by millions viewers of the nation finally aired today. With battered breath and a tachycardic heart, the viewers have been glued to the screens to hear the whistle that still seems like magic to the ears as it seemed years ago!

So how could we miss scanning the entire episode and not present you with the report now? So here’s how the episode rolled, what caught attention and what still needs to meet the eye –

The ‘Sanjivani’ ‘s organelles analysis –

1.Dr. Sid – The show began with the evident playboy Namit Khanna aka Dr. Sid. This doctor knows his way around the girls yet what grabbed attention where his traits that gradually came into light as the episode kept rolling.

He might forget the girls he is dating but the guy is too sharp in his memory to remember the medical details and we’re glad about it.

He is not a perfectly painted guy who emits the charm and good personality and the dreamy kind of doctors but well considering from where we come from, what matters to him is being a doctor and saving a life even if that means playing a gamble with his career in front of hospital administration or fetching out money from the richie riches in his own crooked ways! This guy is a little twisted yet the most ‘sorted’ when it comes to his passion for profession.

2. Dr. Ishani – While Dr. Sid makes himself busy with saving a boy’s life, he just rescued, here comes Dr. Ishani who would instantly remind all the medicos of their first experience of stepping into the hospital. This doctor emoted the overwhelming feeling of being handed over her doctor’s coat, the pride and respect when someone simply wishes you a good morning addressing you as the ‘doctor’ for the first time and all the emotions that a doctor feels whenever he/she steps into his/her dream destination to quench their thirst for more and save lives.

For now, Dr. Ishani for you is a bit ,no wait, a lot hygiene conscious. She gets wary about even the certain (tiniest) things not being in place. She would turn into a Hitler for you incase you’re a rule breaker. Belonging from typical modern Punjabi family, Ishani reflected a glimpse of the inherent talent she harbors of catching even the slightest deviations in a human body, from the normal.
However, being a resident, this doctor as expected was quick to make a decision regarding a patient who needed immediate attention.


3. Dr. Shashank – His face is like the serenity washing over you all again. The whistle being played in the background score while this bearer of ‘Sanjivani’ stepped inside proves how he will forever remain the core of this place and how. However this time definitely the news doesn’t sounds good and Dr. Shashank seems to be suffering from something as serious as brain tumor himself. His ideologies, his values are what still governs the teaching this hospital will provide to the new budding life savers.

His part in the first episode was a little though but was enough to make it loud and clear that he’s indeed going to stay in Sanjivani.

4. Dr. Vardaan – The man with the wicked eyes behind the black rimmed glasses is a human who’s brain works the most with only a little coordination with the heart though. His thoughts and warnings and the ideologies to run the hospital totally contradict with Dr. Shashank and this we suspect these two not to be on the same tangent ever in this organization.

This man for sure has the talent to be sarcastically rude and yet appear to be a professional at the same time though.

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What makes us hooked to this case –

As the show would progress there are many things which are left unspoken and open ended to give the viewers a chance to stay open to more incoming from the characters. Some of which are –

1. Earlier Anika (Ishqbaaaz) and now as Ishani, whatever the reasons may be, Surbhi Chandna and her characters’ ‘surnames’ don’t go along well and in the same sentence! The mystery surrounding Ishani and her surname stays afloat with the first episode shedding a light on something being amiss and precap sort of affirming the same judging from the dreaded expressions there.


2. Certain characters are yet to be accessed which gives you more reason to stay glued. It wasn’t all about baring the soul of the show in the first episode straight but was like peeping into the first chamber of the heart without knowing what surprise awaits us as we step into the next!

While we could catch only a mild glimpse of Dr. Anjali’s character, it was evident that there’s a tiff between her and Dr. Shashank and all’s not well.
Dr. Juhi in the precap was as fresh as the rainfall in the scene but her flashbacks made it more interesting and the wait all the more eager.

3. Dr. Sid’s character was totally impressive in the first episode itself. While there’s not much that’s revealed about his backdrop and family, 60% of the scans reveal him to be a chronic playboy, a rapid fixer and someone’s who’s adrenaline never seizes down.

Dr. Ishani on the other hand is the one with well developed voice box and a hyperactive hypothalamus in brain. Naa, we don’t think this doctor needs a psychologist but the way she instantly has put two people into a fix on her very first day, she might make people traverse to the 6th floor psychology ward often. As Dr. Asha said, she wouldn’t dare to call an army if someone would commit a crime.

4. The petite and pompous Dr. Asha aka Dr. Rashmi Singh was truly convincing in portraying the haryanvi accent. The blend of modern touch to her personality yet the connection to the routes through her mother tongue and no pretense till now was a job well done!


5. Last but not the least, the medical terminologies and the procedures being focused on were a good change. The on spot tracheostomy (which is pretty much being filmed in many international shows already ) is something new for a large chunk of Indian viewers who aren’t very comfortable at the sight of blood.
The case of acute subdural hematoma, with a little insight on its symptoms and treatment would answer and why and how’s of the actions being taken. Although it would have been great to see how the patient immediately gets back to the bed while a few minutes before, he was all prepped for the surgery.

All in all the reports from this doctor is positive for this case. With only a little minute details that the makers need to still catch, to create more realia in terms of characters, the scenes and also the beautifully built set, the overall view looks completely impressive for the first episode.

Blood Pressure – 120/80
Pulse – 90 hearts per minute
Breathing Rate – Sighing audibly after every hour recalling the first dose and waiting for the second one tomorrow.
Consciousness on GCS – 10/10

Adrenaline level high and we are all set to witness another day in Sanjivani and the lives of its people tomorrow.


  1. I don’t want Anjali being turned negative!!!!

    Being a senior surgeon, she should be the head after Shashank!!!!

    Shashank may die soon!!!

    And correct the article to CFO Vardaan as Vardaan is not a doctor but the CFO of the hospital working in administration!!!


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