Saras And Kumud To Meet Eye-To-Eye!

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After Star Plus unveiling Saraswatichandra last week, the story has strengthen a bit leaving viewers on an edge. The characterization of Saraswatichandra leaves us with a unknown feeling of attraction that is not physical, but more geared towards the heart-to-heart connection. Gloomy eyes filled with pain, honor, and dreamless man, Saraswatichandra has yet to discover Kumud’s sheer eyes. It is worth noting that Kumud is no less of utter beauty and courage lady with calmness and poise! Last week an emotional stricken girl had built courage to challenge Saraswatichandra to declare his heart’s desire to the family after sending a rejection letter to Kumud. For someone facing the brunt of their own actions, Saras displayed blurring emotions that left him confused. This week, Saraswatichandra will meet eye-to-eye with Kumud in Ratnanagri to refuse the marriage proposal, however will Saras identify Kumud or will he be mistake Kusum as Kumud? As per sources, Saras will for the first time see Kumud’s true nature. Kumud stands for Saraswatichandra in front of her family for saving a kid from drowning, and other circumstantial events which impact Kumud and her entire family!  Will Saras fall back on his intentions?

Watch Saraswatichandra turn into an epic love story on Star Plus at 7:30pm on your Dish TV. Catch Fuze for the latest updates and don’t forget to subscribe to your hindi tv channel package.

Author: A. Patel


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