Saras Kumud Wedding – Highlight Of The Day

Saras Kumud Wedding
Saras Kumud Wedding in Saraswatichandra

‘Highlight Of The Day’ is the section where we bring to you the scene or episode of a particular show that was the most attention gaining/attractive episode or scene from the previous day which made the viewers glued to their screens.

Highlight Of The Day –

Yesterday Saraswatichandra saw the wedding of Saras and Kumud. Amidst the high voltage nail biting drama of will they (Saras and Kumud) tie the knot or won’t they, the episode was Saras and Kumud’s ‘adhuri dastaan’ getting a ‘mukammal jahaan’ with promises for a new happier tomorrow filled with their love and togetherness. The episode was high on emotion with tears of happiness flowing everywhere. The joy and happiness was evident in Saras and Kumud’s eyes and their eyes were the mirror to the contentment, exuberant feelings they were undergoing. With their happiness transparent like the reflection in still water the audience might have muttered a a small ‘kissi ki nazar na lage’ for Saras and Kumud. The moment which stole the show in yesterday’s episode was when Saras told Kumud ‘Shaadi Mubarak Mrs. Kumud Saraswatichandra’, it was just perfect for both of them. The much awaited Saras Kumud wedding has finally happened in Saraswatichandra and thus it makes its way for being our highlight of the day.

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Saras Kumud Wedding
Saras Kumud Wedding in Saraswatichandra


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