Saraswatichandra – Saras Comes in Disguise To Woo Kumud!

Saras and Kumud in Saraswatichandra
Saraswatichandra: Kumud and Saras

Saraswatichandra is in for a lot of fun filled romance on Monday. The viewers can expect a light hearted episode with a bit of fun, romance and obviously Saras is disguise!

In the recent episode, viewers saw Saraswatichandra bringing gifts and chocolates for Kumud. In return he wanted a love confession. But Kumud (Jennifer Winget)  teased him further by not professing her love for him which disheartened the lover boy Saras (Gautam Rode).

By the end of the episode, the viewers witnessed a new entry in the show. A man showed up in the house who specifically would have come to meet Kumud. However, this unidentified man would start flirting with Kumud and would get a little more romantic with her.

As the episode progressed, we came to know that it’s none other than Saras in disguise only who just came to make Kumud acknowledge her love the other way as the simple and straight way of gifting chocolates didn’t not work. The viewers for sure got stuck to the scene when Kumud  identified the real Saras and the fun and romance that would followed was worth waiting for!

With clear indications of another bad time again coming into the lives of Saras and Kumud, this light hearted episode was surely be a cherry on the cake for the viewers. But danger and bad omen is just lingering behind the two lovers again. Will Saras be able to pull off their marriage this time without a halt?

In the meantime, the family would keep on planning and arranging for their wedding. Hopefully, at least this time the long awaited wedding would take place amidst all the negativities.

Keep Watching Saraswatichandra on Star Plus from Monday to Friday at 7:30 pm.

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