Saraswatichandra : Top Five Reasons To Watch It

Saras and Kumud in Saraswatichandra


Star Plus’ Saraswatichandra opened up to a lot of fanfare. It’s an extremely popular show since its inception. The show has had its fair share of ups and downs and still remains a strong contender. We are going to list the top five reasons to watch Saraswatichandra.

1. Saras and Kumud

Who can resist a beautiful love story? This story started off from arranged marriage where the boy refuses the girl before meeting her in person. When he finally does meet her, he’s taken aback and realizes his error. It takes some time for them to admit that they are in love, but they finally do.

You’d think they finally have a happily ever after, but no. Saras (Gautam Rode) ends up breaking off their wedding and Kumud (Jennifer Winget Grover) ends up marrying someone else. Their love for each other is pure and strong. After building bridges, overcoming hurdles finally Saras and Kumud got married recently. It will be interesting to see what’s next for these two. Saras and Kumud’s love story is one of its kind.

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2. Storyline
There have been lots of ups and downs, but one thing is for sure, the storyline has kept the viewers interest intact in the show. Whether it was the way Kumud stood up to her abusive husband or how Saras stood by her always, the storyline has been one of the highlights of the show.

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3. Gorgeous Sets
The sets of Saraswatichandra have a very traditional feel to it. It has a larger than life feel to it and are just appealing to the eyes of the viewers.

Saras and Kumud in Saraswatichandra

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4. Relationship Between Siblings
The relationship between Kumud and Kusum (Shiny Doshi) has not always been easy. When Kusum felt like she was in love with Saras, however, they worked past that and managed to depict the relationship between sisters very aptly. Brothers Saras and Danny (Varun Kapoor) have a cute friendly bond to them. Moreover, Danny and Saras’ bond is realistic.

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5. Strong Characters
Usually what happens in a lot of shows is that side characters are not used in the story properly, but that is not the case with Saraswatichandra. Almost all the side characters have an interesting and important role to play which keeps the story fresh and gives the other actors screen space to showcase their talent.

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These are our five reasons to watch Saraswatichandra. What are yours? Let us know in the comment section below and stay tuned to Fuze!



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