Saumya Tandon To Continue As Bhabiji!

Sanjay and Beniferr Kohli And Saumya Tandon
Sanjay and Beniferr Kohli And Saumya Tandon

Saumya, who plays one of the bhabijis in Sanjay and Beniferr Kohli’s Bhabiji Ghar Par Hai would continue being part of the show. Since her pregnancy there has been speculation that the small screen may soon see a new ‘gori mem’, as Saumya was referred to on the show.

But now we have it on record that there is no new actor stepping in. Refuting all rumours of a replacement, producer Binaiferr Kohli told BT, “Saumya has been very professional and we have a bank of episodes ready. Before going on a break, she made great effort and shot extensively; in fact, we shot close to her house to make her comfortable. So, there is no question of a replacement. It’s not like once you get pregnant, you become redundant. She has made the effort and now, we want to make the effort. She is a pleasure to work with and I want her back.”

Binaifer added, “If post delivery, she feels that she cannot manage and wants to opt out, that’s a different thing. But I will wait till the time she has asked me to. I don’t want to make her uncomfortable in any way, this is the biggest moment in her life and I am very happy for her. She is also a dear friend and I love her and await the good news to celebrate.” Beniferr and Sanjay Kohli’s show Bhabiji Ghar Par Hai is a big hit among classes and masses on & TV.


  1. Well I hope not everyone behaves like Disha!!!!

    Girls who quit their careers will one day realize they are at the mercy of their husbands!!!!


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