Season Premiere of “The Originals”


CW Network’s The Originals opened its season with almost the same episode as their backdoor pilot. The difference is that the episode was from Elijah’s (Daniel Gillies) point of view and there were much more daggering and scenes that were not shown before.

The season premiere starts off with a flashback of Elijah, Rebekah (Claire Holt), and Klaus (Joseph Morgan) arriving by boat to New Orleans along with their daggered brothers Kol (Nathaniel Buzolic) and Finn (Casper Zafer) 300 years ago. Cut to current day and Elijah is on the hunt to find out where Jane-Anne (Malaya Rivera Drew) is as Klaus believes she’s conspiring against him.

Unfortunately, Elijah finds out that she has been killed by Marcel (Charles Michael Davis) because she was caught practicing witchcraft in the French Quarter which is against his rules. Meanwhile Elijah also keeps Rebekah updated on what is going on and asks her to come to New Orleans. Rebekah declines due to Klaus’ many betrayals.

Within the unfolding drama, Elijah saves Sophie from two of Marcel’s vampires, who then takes him to the cemetery which is sacred ground. A vampire must be invited in, in order to get in. She invites him in and reveals to him that Jane-Anne sacrificed herself so that she can the Original Vampires here to take care of Marcel who has been controlling the witches mercilessly. She also reveals that Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin) is pregnant with Klaus’ child and that they will keep her and the baby alive as long as Klaus does what she wants.

Elijah asks to speak to Hayley alone so that she can open her mind to him. He tells her a little bit about Klaus and his childhood and how they ended up becoming vampires. Elijah finds Klaus and brings him to the cemetery. Klaus is not happy after finding out about the baby and claims he does not care what happens to them and leaves. Elijah promises Sophie that he will get Klaus on their side and threatens her not to harm Hayley or the baby otherwise he will help Klaus in killing all the witches.

Viewers witnessed Klaus firing up in anger. Within a fit of rage he confronts Marcel and asks him how he’s controlling the witches. Marcel tells him that it is only his own business how. This enrages Klaus further and he bites one of Marcel’s vampires. Elijah sees all this and meets up with Marcel later and tells him that only Klaus’ blood can save the fallen vampire or he will die in a couple of days. He tells Marcel that he will get Klaus to give his blood if Marcel gives him Jane-Anne’s body.

Elijah catches up with Klaus again and they get into a physical altercation. There’s a sweet moment when Elijah has Klaus in a headlock and he states that he will never let go of the idea that Klaus can find redemption. Finally, Klaus agrees to helping out the witches because he wants to have everything that Marcel has.

Elijah gives Jane-Anne’s body to the witches and asks them to hand Hayley over to them as a show of good faith. Jane-Anne had linked Sophie and Hayley so whatever happens to Sophie happens to Jane-Anne which is why Sophie felt comfortable handing Hayley over.

A not so surprising twist is that Klaus daggers Elijah because he feels Elijah will be his weakness in this war against Marcel. The surprising part was a woman in an attic playing with fire who apparently can sense witches practicing magic and she doesn’t want the Originals to hurt Marcel. Marcel tells her they don’t stand a chance.

What marks Marcel so confident? I feel that Rebekah will try calling Elijah and when she’s not able to reach him, she will come out to New Orleans to find out why and as we know, she will be staying on. What does Marcel have on the witches? To find out, keep watching the Originals and let us know what you thought. Stay tuned to Fuze!

Author: Rahmina C.


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