Sensational and Sizzling Dance Sequences On Indian Television!

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Dance Sequences On Indian Television
Sensational and Sizzling Dance Sequences On Indian Television!

Refresh your memory; Rekindle the romance reading about some scintillating, sizzling, and sensational dance sequences On Indian Television!

Can you imagine Indian Television shows without love, romance and drama? The answer is no right? Then we say where there is love, where there is romance, there ought to be music and dance. Whether a dance has complicated steps or not does not matter but when the hero and heroine are dancing, their complicated feelings become mushy and the hidden feelings are poured. Dance surely makes it easier to express feelings and surely looking at umpteen dances on TV we can say ‘Dance Speaks’. Dance has a language and heart of its own whether on Indian Television, reel world or the real world!

Take a look at some of the mind-boggling dances on Indian Television in no particular order!

1) Teri Meri Prem Kahani Hai Mushkil Do Lafzon Mein Yeh Bayaan Na Ho Paaye – We guess it would be pointless to ask you about whom do you remember when you hear the above song. Hearing to the song written above, the answer is like stating the obvious apart from being reminded of Salman Khan and Kareena Kapoor from Bodyguard, a pair from television for whom this is the trademark song. It is none other than one of television’s most beloved and most wanted couple Arnav Singh Raizada (Barun Sobti) and Khushi Kumari Gupta (Sanaya Irani) from Star Plus’ hit show Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon. While the lead characters of IPKKND were never able to give their love a name neither described it, their performance on this song revealed it all. The love, longing, desperation to be together all was crystal clear and each admirer of the show, of this pair ate and slept in the memories of Arnav and Khushi’s mesmerizing ‘Teri Meri Prem Kahani’ dance and the memories of this song continues to live even today.

Dance Sequences On Indian Television
Arnav and Khushi


2) One story which instantly comes to the mind when the phrase ‘Not a good start’ is mentioned is definitely Rishabh Kundra (Vivian Dsena) and Madhubala Rishabh Kundra’s (Drasti Dhami) story. Yes the two of them have battled against and for each other and today are at a place filled with love but even their start was on the wrong foot. Can you imagine two people dancing while one is pushing, pulling, bullying his partner and the other is serving? Is it possible in reality, nope it is not in real, but in RK and Madhu’s world the answer is a huge yes. Two people who hated each other to the core and roots expressed their hate yet it was topped with a scintillating dance number ‘Aa Zara Kareeb Se‘. The dance literally set the temp on screen and in the drawing rooms very high. Rishabh and Madhu expressed anger, hate with their dance yet there was a hidden attraction between the two characters. It was a dance number from which you simply could not take your eyes off!

Dance Sequences On Indian Television
Rishabh Kundra and Madhubala


3) What happens when the hero is running away from his feelings and both the protagonists are doused in a state of drinking Bhaang? Let us tell you the result is a romantic dance which reminds you of the Kuch Kuch Hotha Hai’s dance setting but yet the song that was played for Asad Ahmed Khan (Karan Singh Grover) and Zoya Farooqui (Surbhi Jyoti) was the famous ‘Bol Na Halke Halke‘ and this sequence happened in Zee TV’s Qubool Hai. In the bhaang doused state to see Asad and Zoya convey their feelings and urging the other with the lyrics ‘Bol na halke halke’ swaying to their hearts content, urging each other to voice the feelings,expressing it with the way of eyes and dance, the dance was romantically magical and tends to create an aura of romance all around you. The dance is etched in the memories forever.

Dance Sequences On Indian Television
Asad and Zoya


4) Do you remember the sizzling dance of Maan Singh Khurana (Gurmeet Choudhary) and Geet Handa’s (Drashti Dhami) ‘Kurbaan Hua’? Do we see the readers sighing and leaning back on their chairs and smiling? Maan and Geet set the screen ablaze with their mind blowing with Kurbaan Hua which left the audiences awestruck and wanting more. Even today Kurbaan Hua dance of Maan and Geet is remembered and fans of this pair even today make it a point to watch this dance sequence of the lead protagonists of Geet Hui Sabse Parayi. Maan and Geet ‘Aado Pe Wafa Pe..Kurbaan Hua’…takes the viewers’ breath away even today.

Dance Sequences On Indian Television
Maan and Geet


5) Love makes the world go round and it is said that there is nothing like ‘pehla pyaar’, first love, on November 11th 2011 yet another lead protagonists Viren Wadhera (Karan Tacker) was seen imaging the love of his life in every nook and corner of his adobe. It was as though Viren imagining his beloved Jeevika everywhere and to top this, Viren assumes his brother Virat (Kushal Tandon) to be Jeevika (Krystle Dsouza) and was swaying with him to his heart’s content. The dance was simple, sweet and adorable. Viewing the dance one cannot help but hum ‘Aankhon Se Ho Aankhon Pe Ye Jadugari Hoti Zara Chahat Sada Hi Sarphiri Aankhon Se Ho Aankhon Pe Ye Jadugari‘ from We Are Family but humming this song it reminds one of Viren’s cute imaginary dance with Jeevika.

Dance Sequences On Indian Television
Viren and Jeevika


6) Do you remember Armaan and Ridhimma’s first dance together, Karan Singh Grover and Shilpa Anand swaying to the background music as Armaan and Riddhima. Their scintillating salsa dance though lasted only for a short span yet the dance did set the heat to a soaring high. The dance was intense and it was impactful. Armaan and Ridhimma’s first dance was like the icing on the cake in the show which was and is still considered fresh from the hot kettle pot.

Dance Sequences On Indian Television
Armaan and Ridhimma


7) The next sizzling dance on our list is the dance seen on Star One’s Miley Jab Hum Tum. The song we are taking about is ‘Khuda Jaane‘ but here is a twist. We are not talking about one couple but two for this dance sequence. Miley Jab Hum Tum saw the four lead protagonists Mayank (Arjun Bijlani), Nupur (Rati Pandey) and Samrat (Mohit Seghal), Gunjan (Sanaya Irani) getting lost in their respective partners and swaying to their hearts’ content. Both the couple’s dance was eye pleasing and beautiful. Seeing the two couple’s dance lost in the world of love, a smile is ought to spread on the viewers’ face and it is ought to transport one in a different world altogether. While Samrat and Gunjan were swaying inside, Mayank and Nupur were dancing in the rain. Both the jodi’s dances were special and they drenched the viewers with the feeling of love and romance completely.

Dance Sequences On Indian Television
Mayank and Nupur


Dance Sequences On Indian Television
Samrat and Gunjan


8) When one thinks about dance on Indian Television, one dance which is unforgettable is of Rajveer Singh Shekhawat (Rajeev Khandelwal) and Naina (Priyanka Bassi) from Left Right Left. The story of Captain Rajveer and Cadet Naina had a different take to it when Rajveer was seen teaching dance to Naina. One hoped that the screen gets freezed and the moment stilled forever. The typical ballroom type of dancing even today blows the audience away. With chemistry and untold affection oozing out with every step Rajveer taught Naina, their dance was simply captivating. A dance lesson given and unvoiced emotions felt with the way of dance.

Dance Sequences On Indian Television
Rajveer and Naina


9) The story of Mohan (Kunal Karan Kapoor) and Megha (Aakanksha Singh) from Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha on Colors has always been different. Though Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha has ended when one thinks about the show many of them are ought to be reminded to Mohan and Megha’s sweet-tweet, super cute dance on the last episode of the show. They were seen dancing to the rhythm ‘Tere Mere Beech Mein Kya Hai‘ from ‘Shudhh Desi Romance’ and creating an aura of overpowering sweetness and adorableness. Mirchi Madam and Spiderman clearly melted the audiences’ hearts with their dance. It was the perfect way to end the beautiful, endearing journey of Mohan Bhatnagar and Megha Vyas Bhatnagar.

Dance Sequences On Indian Television
Mohan and Megha


10) When mortal meets the immortal a supernatural attraction is created which is beyond the understanding of the human world. That is exactly what happened when Piya (Sukriti Kandpal) met Vampire Abhay Raichand (Vivian Dsena). Their dream sequence on the song ‘Pyaar kii yeh kahani suno ek ladka tha ek ladki thi‘ was a perfect fit for these two and at times it feels like the song mentioned above is tailor made for Abhay and Piya. Their dream dance on the song transports one in a world of romance and intense passion. The dance literally is beautiful and speaks about the love Abhay and Piya have for each other. Though just a dream, the dance is way beyond stunning.

Dance Sequences On Indian Television
Abhay and Piya


11) Last but not the least we present to you one show which is all about dance and expressing love, friendship, sadness and every other emotion felt by the medium of dance. We are talking about none other than Cinevistaas’ Dil Dosti Dance. Each and every dance performed by the main lead protagonists Rey (Kunwar Amarjeet Singh), Kria (Shakti Mohan) and Swayam (Shantanu Maheshwari), Sharon (Vrushika Mehta) is simply terrific. Their emotions flow with ease and every time these on-screen couples perform in the show the audiences are left, stunned and awestruck.

If one want to see and know all about dance they can learn it from the lead pairs of Dil Dosti Dance. It is often said that ‘Dance is a way of expression’ and Rey, Kria and Sharon, Swayam go on to prove this point. Recently Rey and Kria danced on ‘Khuda jaane main mitt gaya hoon’ and their dance spoke the untold emotions of love. Swayam and Sharon danced on ‘Alvida’ and their dance too spoke about their anguish pent up feelings of hurt. Both the dances were simply great. Thinking further we believe each and every dance by the lead protagonists of Dil Dosti Dance has literally been astonishingly superlatively fantastic.

Dance Sequences On Indian Television
Rey, Kria, Swayam and Sharon

It seems like our jodi’s on-screen dance and sway to the rhythm of music and express their feelings like a free bird.

Hope you liked reading about the Scintillating, Sizzling, and Sensational Dance Sequences That Speaks Volumes On Indian Television.

Dance Sequences On Indian Television
Dance Sequences On Indian Television

Don’t forget to leave a comment in the comment box stating which among the above mentioned dances is your favourite.

Stay Tuned To Fuze For More Updates!

Author: Surya Ravi

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  1. Mohan and Megha Bhatnagar or Kunal Karan Kapoor and Aakanksha Singh were just superb in that dance scene mentioend in the article. It made parting with the show even more difficult. In fact any dance Kunal performs, he just mesmerizes the audience…

  2. Offcourse how can we forget the most sensational and the most passionate song seq in Geet Maaneet Kurbaan Hua ..the bestest till date ..

  3. Armaan and riddhima’s first dance and bol na halke halke! But that teri meri song reminds me of asya’s first dance not ipkknd :p loved asya’s first dance ♥

  4. Thanks Fuzion Production for adding Captain Rajveer and Cadet Naina’s Dancing sequence in the list.
    all the other pairs are amazing but Rajveer and Naina was really different. when All other pairs had amazing chemistry,dress,set up and songs Rajveer Naina had a more natural approach to it.
    They were not dancing as hero heroine,but the slow build up of their connection and everything was so beautiful.Naina who was shy at first slowly opened up and the end was so touching while Rajveer tried to cheer up Naina and admitted at the end that he never knew she can laugh so much and Naina also told him that he also laughed like never before.The way they made each other feel good,it was far more than a beautiful dance sequence.

    You have beautifully described it as well.The scene deserved to be mentioned here.

    • Wonderful….article…
      Have not seen all of them…only 2 …Rajveer Naina & Arnav khushi’s performance… & surely they have been amazing….
      & Romantically b’ful <3

      Rajveer Naina dance sequence have been b'fully choreographed… 🙂

      Arnav khushi…Teri Meri pefectly suited them & their love story 🙂 🙂 Still wherever Teri Meri plays it refreshes memories of Arnav Khushi 🙂 🙂

    • Arshi’s Teri meri. Thanks to youtube, we are still watching it. Arshi performed for Teri meri on 19th JAnuary 2014. Since then it is Barun and Sanaya who come to my mind whenever I hear this song, not Salman and Kareena. Sarun was just amazing, kya performance tha yaar, I was just speechless. Miss them miss them like hell. Please come back, we love you and will love you forever.

  5. for me SHANTANU VRUSHIKA ALL DANCE are spcial ALVIDA dance was better then best and yah i love them lot For their amezing cemestry…Love vrushan/swaron best jodhi ever

  6. Swayam-Sharon’s Alvida dance performance was Class Apart.. so pure, so magical, so meaningful.. and Shantanu-Vrushika rocked the dance stage.. ♥ extraordinary choreography by Shantanu and Macedon.. loved that performance! ♥

  7. My favorite dance is of my favorite on-screen jodi “Swayam and Sharon” of dil dosti dance on ‘Alvida’. It was BLISSFUL ^_^

        • Agar aap best romance aur best sizzling chemistry ki baath karenge tho it is always teri meri of my darling pair Arnav and Khushi. As you have mentioned their performance in the song it self revealed their love to each other. Still we keep on watching the teri meri of Arshi, and I still gets goosebumps when I watch them performing. Such an intense chemistry wah, I have never seen in any of the Indian TV couple so far. Barun and Sanaya jodi always rocks. “ARSHI”, eternal jodi of Indian Tele industry. Love them and miss them so much

  8. swayam sharon’s dance on Alvida was not only technically perfect thanks to Shantanu and Macedon’s stupendous choreography but also emotionally magical .. And credit goes to the breezy and flawless execution by Vrushika and Shantanu 😀

  9. MaYur Best dance !!!!! Mayank et Nupur Best jodi !!! Nupur Mayank miss you !!! Soooo lovelyyyy jodi ! And i love this sequance song ! Khuda jaane !!!!!

  10. swayam and Sharon alvida was a masterpiece and can’t be comparable…but all swaron dance is a pure bliss..
    they are best dancer in tellywood and great actors

  11. aw……….BOL NA HALKE HALKE…my ever favourite <3 …..ASYA…karan love u sooo much………….and offcouse…HOW CAN I FORGET ARMAAN ND RIDDHIMA…..d ever green couple of indian television./……………….**ksg eyes are enough ….to bring d romance nd d heat around :))

  12. Rati oldie looks like a 40 yrs old and she looks like a man. Sanaya is so beautiful and also so much fair. Look at Rati oldie who got to do surgery to look in 30’s

  13. whenever I listen ..” tere mere beech me ” only Mohan -megha’s beautiful dance appeared in front of my eyes… missing them so much……love u the magical Jodi of tellywood…plzz cm bk soon ..kunal .k.kapoor -akanksha..

  14. Mayur is nowhere today. Arjun ka jo biwi se kare pyaar dub gaya aur Rati The tantrum queen used to throw tantrum on Mjht sets is also nowhere to be seen. See Sanaya got rangrasiya so quickly. Sanaya is rocking not that ugly hitler didi. She looks like a male. Sanaya love u my angel muaaah .

    • Noone can match the chemistry of Arti. Your Monaya was bandar-bandariya. Rati arjun waiting for them from the last 3years. Sanaya is a ugly fake plastic doll and was overacting infront of salman in BB7 Finale lol. Rati rocks sanaya is ugly bitch. Sanaya is a bitch and IPKKND is halwa of jalebi bai khushi copy of nupur bt failed in act as Rati because Rati is queen of expression. Barun was also bad not like my arjun.

      • Rati-Arti stop calling bad stuff about my Sarun. Your rati and arjun can go to hell. Rati hogi ugly plastic doll not my sanaya and barun is the best and who is arjun-warjun. Ipkknd rocks and salman was impressed from my sanaya. You are a jealous hater i think

    • Yeah agree with you. During MJHT days i had cried more for gunjan, nupur character was irritating& her come back that’s spoiled the show and show went off air.

  15. Vivian as hot luking vampire Abhay, & Sukriti as piya sizzling performance on “pyar ki ye kahani suno ek larka tha”. Very hot sizzling dance taken us in fantasy world. Pyar ki ye ek kahani with best sizzling dance.

  16. Yes it is true for me trei meri prem kahaani is special as I can recall each and every move of Arshi at this song.

  17. The best Sizzling and Romantic song was “Pyar Ki Ye khani suno ek larka tha” from Pyar ki ye ek looking vampire and sizzling sukriti take us tat tme in world of Fantasy. superb dance .

  18. Swayam-Sharon dances have always been unique, Alvida has just proved it once more, they are exceptional in what they do, the choreography by Shantanu and Macedon was awesome

  19. SwaRon are the ultimate dancing jodi of D3 they will always rock best couple ever<3 they cannot be compared to anyone they are the most unique Love Story ever <3

  20. SwaRon is the best! alvida is one of the best dances in D3 ever shancadon’s choreography was too gud and VruShan just spell bounding best dance of the annual day and D3

    • Arti never exist, it was some stupid fans who create that rumour. Monaya was real, is real and will be real forever. Waiting for their wedding.

  21. Swayam and Sharon’s dance on Alvida was simply out of d world. Brilliant choreography by Shantanu and Macedon and wonderful execution by Shantanu and Vrushika 🙂

    • sukirti and vivian bestest onscreen couple ever their chemistry is immortal in our fans hearts forever none can match their chemistry and unique looks for each other thats why they are most sorted pair on indian tv today


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