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Shaadi Ke Side Effects
Shaadi Ke Side Effects
Shaadi Ke Side Effects
Shaadi Ke Side Effects

Boy meets girl. They fall in love. They live happily ever after. Right? Well, not always. Saket Choudary’s sequel to the noted Pyaar Ke Side/Effects focuses on Sid (Farhan Akhtar) and Trisha’s (Vidya Balan) journey post marriage.

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The film opens with Sid and Trisha meeting in a club as complete strangers. Both having presented their marital status to one another, continue the adventure which leads them to a hotel room. It is later revealed that Sid and Trisha are now married to one another. Their wild adventure leads to an unwanted pregnancy, which the couple decides to walk through with. However, Sid is completely unprepared for the drastic changes that pregnancy and child brings in the life of a couple.

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Despite flaws in comic timing and faulty one-liners, Shaadi Ke Side/Effects works for the audiences.It presents a reality check for both men and women who are either married or considering marriage.

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Like most women, Trisha turns into an idiosyncratic super mom, who sees nothing beyond her daughter, Millie. Sid on the other hand struggles to find some alone time in the chaos which he did not intend to create.

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Trisha’s over bearing nature in contrast to Sid’s confusion is easily relatable. First time parents will definitely recall the midnight wake up where the husband is struggling to find the bottle and the wife brings it out as if it were a magic trick.

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While Sid was struggling to keep up with which cry meant what, Trisha submerges herself into being a complete mummy. In the battle between Sid’s wife and Millie’s mother, Millie’s mother seemed to have won.

The lack of spontaneity in dialogue mirrors the lack of fervor in Sid and Trisha’s life which drastically slows the pace of the film. Ram Kapoor as Trisha’s pretentious brother-in-law makes you want to doubt a man while Ira Arun as the maid of the house adds fuel to the fire. Vir Das as Sid’s blast from the past Manav makes for an enjoyable treat in the chaos of marriage. If not for anything else, then watch it for the incomparable performance of Farhan Akhtar and Vidya Balan.

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On the whole, Shaadi KE Side/Effects is a watchable film. Fuze gives it 3/5.

Arshad Warshi, Chetan Bhagat, Sujoy Ghosh and Sona Mahapatra took it to Twitter to praise the movie. Arshad Warsi even claimed that he relates to the movie as a father. Ram Kapoor and Farhan Akhtar too thanked the audience for the response.

Ram Kapoor ‏@ramkapoor1973
Thank you so much for all your compliments on SKSE guys!! I’m glad that you guys are liking the film.

Chetan Bhagat ‏@chetan_bhagat
Saw Shaadi Ke Side Effects. Sweet. Real. Funny. Congrats @PritishNandy @RangitaNandy @FarOutAkhtar Vidya Balan Saket and the rest of team.

Farhan Akhtar ‏@FarOutAkhtar
Thank you all for the positive feedback on our film. Much appreciate your appreciation. Love.

Arshad Warsi ‏@ArshadWarsi
@FarOutAkhtar & Vidya are fabulous, as a father i could totally relate. Shadi ke side effect is an extremely funny, emotional honest film.

sujoy ghosh ‏@sujoy_g
saw SHAADI .. how good was @FarOutAkhtar and the balan !!! Saket made us wait.. but it was well worth the wait.

Sona Mohapatra ‏@sonamohapatra
Watched #ShaadiKeSideEffects last night & totally recco this film.Well written,fun & Farhan Akhtar-a treat of an actor- a complete package!



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