Shaheer Sheikh : 5 Reasons Why He Fits The Bill Perfectly For Abir Of Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke

Shaheer Sheikh In Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke

Shaheer Sheikh is a versatile actor and adding to his onscreen personality, the acting chops and his offscreen humility, the actor is one of the finest ones in the tribe we have on Indian television.

It would be unfair to only name a few of the characteristics that he possesses, making him an irresistible actor to watch onscreen but sadly the limitation of space, time and most importantly lack of suitable words to describe him make us entitled to only giving you the 5 topmost reasons why we think only Shaheer Sheikh could always play Abir the best.

Shaheer Sheikh

From what everyone could agree, Abir is a character which is written once in a while and when it does, everyone craves for it. Abir is a man every mother would like to have as a son, every sister/brother would like to have as a brother, every wife would like to have has as a husband and every individual would like to have as a friend.

He is a man we would wish to have more of, in our society and the prime reason how convincingly the makers have been able to make viewers fall in love with him is the fact that none other than Shaheer Sheikh is essaying it. Well, what he incorporates to breathe life into Abir, none can for the following reasons –

Shaheer Sheikh In Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke

1. His Long Silky Hair – Considering the free spirit Abir is and how he is a creative at heart, the hero sporting a long mane was the first thing that could capture the female attention for sure but at the same time it isn’t easy for every actor to pull it off.

Shaheer Sheikh, on a whole matches Abir’s personality with full conviction and his long silky hairs, as weird as it sounds, become one of the reasons for us to think why everyone loves Abir so much. Imagining any other actor pulling off this look, specially as Abir now seems a far fetched task!

Shaheer Sheikh

2. The Real And Reel Connection – We know we aren’t the only ones who think that Shaheer Sheikh and Abir Rajvansh run parallel to each other in many ways. Watching Abir and his nature is more of watching Mr. Sheikh in his own shoes. The humbleness, honest – to – goodness.

And hence the charming persona is what comes out naturally without an effort.

Shaheer Sheikh In Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke
3. The Deep And Drowning Shayaris – We know, we know! Even the ones who didn’t understand or loved shayaris now die to hear Abir speak them. They are precious as it happens only momentarily that Abir comes up with those shayaris making the moments more special than they already are!

Knowing that the actor too has a passion about poetry in real life makes Abir all the more relatable to this particular actor who conveys the words with so much sincerity and varying emotion that it takes over your senses.

Shaheer Sheikh In Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke

4. His Deep And Husky Voice – There’s nothing more appealing, exacerbating and deeply connecting than the way in which Shaheer Sheikh utters those words of the poetry which makes each and every word alive as it seems. His delivery makes the words enough for a person to hear, take in those, relish, sense the meaning and have a gratifying feel at the end of it.

Abir Rajvansh and the poetic angle couldn’t be a hit if not for Shaheer Sheikh emoting through his voice modulations specially while he spits the hypnotising words and makes the viewers a goner!

Shaheer Sheikh

5. The Ace Performer – Lastly whilst we have listed numerous reasons already for why none other could do a complete justice to Abir’s character, more than Shaheer Sheikh, it would be wrong not to mention the sole reason Abir Ajeeb Rajvansh is a rage today, specially amongst the female population.

Executing a blend of intelligence, humility, kindness and sheer perfection with so much conviction that it becomes hard for people to recognize you with your own individuality, is a task that not everyone can master.

Shaheer Sheikh, with his acting chops had showcased time and again, the various depths and layers of Abir, his moods and temperaments and his nature.

While he appears to be like the perfect guy on Earth, it isn’t easy to keep the viewers glued when a character is so perfect on screen and would hardly ever offer a variation. Shaheer Sheikh though, has undoubtedly aced his game and has been making Abir live a different mood and portraying each one of his shades so beautifully and gradually making people fall in love with him each day!


  1. This is the Best Article about Our #SuperShah Shaheer Sheikh. Every Word in this Article Touched My Heart. For Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke Show “Abir’s Character is LIFE”and “Shaheer is Giving Life Abir’s Character” We can Say Shaheer is Abir, Abir is Shaheer. Thank You So….Much for Wonderful Article. Hats Off to Article Writer


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