Shaheer Sheikh : How To Make Heads Turn – Learn It His Way! – VIDEO

Shaheer Sheikh
Shaheer Sheikh

It can be said without an ounce of doubt that actor Shaheer Sheikh is one of the best actors of Indian television. He has time and again proved what an amazing performer he is on screen.

Currently portraying the character of Abir in Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke on Star Plus, the actor is creating a vast impact in the minds and hearts of the viewers. His acting keeps the audience intrigued.

And it is not just his acting that is interesting but his social media posts too are very interesting and evoke high octave emotions in the minds and hearts of his ardent followers.

The actor has done it again with his latest Instagram post. He has posted a short 21 second video where he can be seen standing with the background of water and just when you think he is going to pull a stunt and jump, he turns facing the camera. And hold and behold your heart is ought to skip a beat or two seeing Shaheer Sheikh’s swag and style.

With just a PALAT, he is making his fans fall flat for him hook, line and sinker and there is no other way to put it. And we are sure his fans would do a double take and drool over Shaheer Sheikh in this latest video.

The video is hands down swoon worthy and the actor wearing a black tee and blue jeans along with cool shades, looks hot.

Take a deep breath, hold still and watch Shaheer’s swagalicious palat video below.

Indeed the actor can give lessons on how to make heads turn just with his single palat, are we right? Or are we right?

So now we leave you swooning over Shaheer palat video. Adios!

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Stupid is as stupid does.. #forrestgump #madMe video by @hamid_shaikh_96

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