Shaheer Sheikh In His Latest Post Describes How Eyes Are The Window To The Heart!

Shaheer Sheikh

“It is often said that the eyes are the mirror to your soul and window to your heart”, if you do not accept the statement then we say just look into Shaheer Sheikh’s eyes and you will amend your thoughts and believe that eyes are definitely the mirror to the soul and window to the heart.

One look into the handsome, charming, dashing debonair Shaheer Sheikh’s orbs and his ardent followers’ hearts run a mile in a minute.

Eyes always express the truth, they never lie and even the shining star of Indian television seems to think so. The actor feels, if you cannot read it in his eyes then he is lying, a rather deep thought we must say.

Currently essaying the lead character Abir Rajvansh in Star Plus’ Yeh Rishtey Hai Pyaar Ke, he is making heads turn.

And if you think that is all, then let us correct your misconception. It is not just his acting skills but his eyes too keep his umpteen number of fans hooked.

Recently Shaheer Sheikh took to his social networking account, Instagram and shared a picture and the picture speaks a thousand words combined with its 12 word caption.

Looking no less than a prince set to charm one and all, the raw intense expression of his orbs draws you in leaving you in a daze.

And the caption to go with it, “If u can’t read it in my eyes then I am lying..” resonates the deep truth on many levels and we could not agree more with the actor.

Shaheer Sheikh’s intense eyes indeed hold the power to take everyone on a fantasy ride and HOW!!

Don’t believe us? No problem take a look at Mr. Sheikh’s latest Instagram post below and see for yourself!

And closing the article we to would like to leave you humming a Hindi movie song which goes like this, ‘Aankhein bhi hoti hai dil kii zubaan, bin bole kar deti hai halat yeh pal mein bayan’ – Enjoy the fantasy ride all you Shaheer Sheikh fans just by looking into his eyes!!!


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