Shaheer Sheikh – Journey Of A Star – IN PICS

Shaheer Sheikh In Teri Palkey Music Video
Shaheer Sheikh In Teri Palkey Music Video

2011  (Teri Palkey, Diwali Rishton Ki Mithaas)

In 2011, he came into sight with the song ‘Teri Palkey’ of A.M.Turaz video album ‘Ek Ladki Shabnami Jaisi’.

He had also participated in dance reality show Just Dance in a celebrity special episode. He had performed ‘Lyrical Hip-Hop’ on the song ‘Kyun Jalta Is Jahan Se Tu’.
He had also anchored ‘Diwali Rishton Ki Mithas’ along with Ragini Khanna and Rupal Patel on Star Plus.

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  1. Hello Richa,
    I thank you for giving so many things about Shaheer Sheikh which I didn’t know. I was unaware about his telefilms on star plus. Well I need to search for it.. Thanks for sharing..
    Thank you again 💕


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